A novel preaching method

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  • Listener

    I came across this novel way of preaching on Facebook. Probably one of the easier ways to get your hours in.


  • Divergent
    How many people paid attention to that? LOL
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Okay, so I gotta give credit where credit is due (even if it's painful and I have to grind my teeth while doing it - lol). At least they are trying to engage their community and not just stand there doing nothing. And I feel this is a reasonably positive manner in which to do it.

    Great piano player too!

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Some with 'weak conscience' will write letters to Santa....er I mean the holy GB:

    Are these brothers allowed to play music while preaching with a cult cart?

    What's next, juggling bibles ffs?

    And then a BOE or item in the CLAM will follow:

    Some of our brothers have made creative use of heavenly music while preaching the good news.

    While it is true that Jehovah's worshippers have used music to praise Jehovah throughout the ages, it is not appropriate to use music while preaching.

    Why not?

    First, the music distracts from our beautiful literature trolley, and might negatively effect the apathetic reaction from the public.

    Second, playing music brings undue attention to the person performing the music, while this attention should be on the faithful and discreet slave.

    Third, the only approved way to bring praise to Jehovah using music is in the kingdumb hell.

    Also note that just a single piano is not acceptable for our holy worship, as we are now using orchestral arrangements.

    Note to BOE, don't read to Congo:

    DF all suckers who continue to play unapproved kingdumb music. Also let us know so we can serve a cease-and-desist and sue them for monetary damages on our copyrighted music.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Also he plays great indeed :-)
  • Crazyguy
    Yet, still know one stopped and listen or looked at the book's. Such a waste of time, their so delusional.

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