Did You Think The Majority of Elders Were “Qualified “?

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  • minimus

    In my opinion, in a body of elders let’s say with 7 elders , 2 or 3 were pretty much on the ball. They were reasonable, intelligent and moderate. The others were either extremely extreme about everything or very liberal.

    Did you have qualified older men or were they all lousy to you??

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    In every congregation I have been in there has been good and bad elders. Some are still in, some have drifted away and some have been D/F'ed.

    However, one elder I know has been in the same congregation for over 40 years and an elder for almost all that time. As reliable as the North Star he has stuck at it through thick and thin. Other elders have come and gone. This last few months though he has gone very quiet, not answering, logging on to ZOOM at the last minute, leaving immediately after the last "Amen". He was away on holiday during the CO visit and never showed on ZOOM. I just wonder if he has finally woken up.


  • minimus

    George, I would love to know if this good man finally saw the light.

  • dozy

    One of the problems with the elder system is that unless they end up fornicating a pioneer sister , or leaving the Org after discovering the Truth About the Truth , it is basically a position for life. I've sat in long boring elders meetings where elders refused appointments of elders & MS and frankly , they themselves would never be appointed if they applied the same criteria to themselves. Its like the Peter Principle in real life.

    After I left JWs and got involved in some voluntary and community organisations , I noted very similar set ups in most committees of any type. 25% of people are pretty competent , 50% just are padding , maybe OK if you just threw them a bone to work on and 25% are useless and/or obstructive.

  • Me.Wonderful

    I just found most halls to be lead by one or two somewhat intelligent narcissists, surrounded by half retarded yes men. I mean, just the dumbest of the dumb.

    Qualified ? I am not really sure what that means.

    Theology trained bible teachers ? No

    Guidance counselors, dealing with the issues of suicide, divorce, mental health ? Good god no.

    Cleaning experts ? Carpets, windows, bathrooms ? Yes.

  • minimus

    Yes, qualified cleaners, lol

  • waton
    Qualified ? I am not really sure what that means.

    MW do not forget that the 'get to the top game' in wt land is a free for all, a no holds barred sport. from the first appointment meeting in ~1973 on. (a nice diversion from the impending 1975 disaster btw)

    In the end the same characters would prevail as under Hitler and Stalin. and dont underestimate the undercurrent of the ladies in this.

    elders = leaders.-- only one letter more, that Jesus forbade.

  • shadowclone

    And just like most humans, each one thought that they were in the on the ball class. Isn't that right, my little red friend?

  • Rivergang

    In this part of the world, at least, more than a few were even certified Pest Control Technicians!

  • minimus

    Thankfully we know better now. But still, there are some well meaning elders that exist that have tried to be kind and healing.

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