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  • Iamallcool
    There are so many kinds of foods on Amazon. I want to eat something different. What do you like to order on Amazon? Thank you for your recommendations!
  • HappyDad

    Had Amazon Pantry for a time. Went to Hello Fresh and absolutely love it. Much cheaper than eating out and even though you have to prep, there is no waste or wondering what to do. If you take advantage of their special offers, you can feed two people for $7.00 to $10.00 a day. And it is gourmet quality!

  • RolRod

    I moved to the Midwest from the east coast. They don't sell Cheez Doodles or Dipsy Doodles here. So I order a whole case. Usually 50 bags each .

  • RubaDub

    Not sure if this is on topic or not, but since Amazon bought Whole Foods, we have been shopping there a lot. Whole Foods used to be called "Whole Wallet" by some due to the high prices. But they have generally come down considerably over the past year or two.

    While some things we still buy at our standard supermarket, we find Whole Foods really good for vegetables, seafood and spices. You just have to have the Amazon app on your phone and they scan it for the discounts. Sometimes the prices are even lower than the standard supermarkets on some items.

    Really good whole fresh fish and seafood. We've been eating this fish from Greece, bronzino a lot lately. Similar to sea bass but tastier. I just season it inside, fill the insides with some fresh stuff from the garden like basil and cilantro and then put some lemon slices in it. I put it on a hot grill (oil it first so the fish doesn't stick) for about 3 minutes per side. That, some couscous, a greek salad, and a glass or three of chardonnay makes you feel like you are on the Mediterranean.

    Rub a Dub

  • hoser

    I don’t buy from amazon

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