Nathan Natas And The Gas-Bags of Uranus, episode 5

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    (note: this is fiction, Skippy)

    Walt Disney spoke plainly.

    "Look," he said, "Mickey and Donald and Goofy and their friends are MY creations, but they are not ME. I created these characters hoping to entertain people, but as someone somewhere sometime might observe, you can't (entertain) ALL of the people ALL of the time. Some will "get it" right away and climb on board so they can enjoy the ride with you, many will find my work occasionally amusing, and some - usually small talents driven primarily by envy - will declare WAR on my cartoon mouse, my cartoon duck and my cartoon of whatever Goofy is supposed to be. I mean, Pluto is a dog, right? He acts like a dog. But Goofy? Is he a refugee from the Island of Doctor Moreau, or what? I don't know; he just appeared under my pencil one day and we became friends."

    Walt continued, "I remember something from a Junior High School English class long, long ago. Our teacher assigned us the task of writing a creative short story. It was Friday, and she wanted to see our work on Monday. On Monday, she collected our stories. On Tuesday she told the class that she felt MY story was the most creative, and she had me read it to the class. One kid in the class objected; he told the teacher that he felt his story was as good or BETTER than my story and that he worked on it really hard, writing it while he watched television on Saturday. His original creative short story was titled "Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein."

    "You meet a bunch of people like that in life. They're running as hard as they can to keep up with people who are walking past them. They like to criticize the work others have done when they have little of their own work to show. They'll talk about how they don't like Mickey's nose, or how it is a scandal that Donald isn't wearing pants. They shout "Bullshit!" anytime my characters make a point, whether it is Mickey, or Donald, or Goofy. They think I'll take their nonsense personally. I don't. Mickey and Donald are CHARACTERS I've created; they're not me. I wear pants and my nose is quite regal."

    In a different place and time Nathan Natas fired up his rocket backpack and flew up to the UADNA Orbiting Space Platform to continue his efforts against stupid cults.

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    I love it!

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