At the assembly as I write

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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    The best assembly I ever attended was a French assembly in the US. I couldn't understand a word. It was great.

  • Greybeard

    It is nice of you to spend time with your family. No matter who we are in this world, sometimes we got to do things with family we don't want to do if we want to keep the peace. Be proud of yourself, thats not easy stuff to take. More power to you. I'm afraid if I went I would come down with turrets syndrome or something. During my final days i remember fighting the urge to blurt something out to the entire congregation. Jesus never spoke of a governing body, that is just another word for leader and we know what he said about that. So you got to sit there as they try to program your thinking with commandments of men. Not a easy thing to do if your awake. It is very abusive.

    They would be the first to disfellowship Jesus.... They already have

  • zeb

    I spend the last one I went too, doodling. the fidgety kid next to me watched on. His dad was switched off. Bro drone droned on as had many before him.

    The greatest speeches ever given, Mandella's inauguration speech, the Gettysburg address, the sermon on the mount went apx 20 minutes. Despite the ministry 'school' (that's right they don't have schools anymore) of many years the quality of speaking of convention speakers is 1930's and appalling.

  • NeverKnew

    I attended this weekend as well.

    A woman who was clearly disinterested in the baptism was talking to me so it was hard to count and listen to her. It was between 11-13 baptized - about 3600 in attendance. Four appeared to be under 18.

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