Anthony ,Tony , Morris where is he ? How is he ? Anyone ?

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  • enoughisenough

    where is he...I put this in another thread...he is in the "witness" protection program... ( I bet he is well paid to hide and keep his mouth shut )

  • joe134cd

    I will reiterate what has been said many times before:

    (1) The guy did not step down for health reasons. He was removed. So what ever happened was significant, and enough to upset people in high places.

    (2) The guy is a raging alcoholic. If this wasn’t the exact reason for his removal it certainly would have been a contributing factor.

    (3) In the apostate world absolutely no one knows where he is or what happened. Indicating some kind of green hand shake or remuneration. The cost of free rent, health care, and a weekly allowance for the rest of his life would be insignificant to if he decided to go public. Wt is been very prudent as to how this is played out.

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    That time someone noticed him buying whiskey was a good example, he must be very very careful now. There are millions and millions of people who recognise him and are particularly interested in getting him on camera.

    maybe he gets someone else to buy his habit or he gets them delivered.

    it’s a good question what has happened to his wife, I mean if she decides to continue to be a faithful sister then she would be going to a congregation somewhere and sooner or later someone will leak some I fo

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