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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    The new Study Edition Watchtower is up, and most of it is devoted to child abuse damage control.

  • sir82

    Some interesting points:

    Does this mean that before an allegation of abuse can be reported to the authorities, two witnesses are required?

    No. This requirement does not apply to whether elders or others report allegations of a crime.

    Maybe - maybe - they are starting to get the idea that child abuse is a crime.

    The term “judicial” does not mean that the elders judge, or rule on, whether the abuser should be punished by

    the authorities for breaking the law. The elders do not interfere with law enforcement; they leave criminal matters

    to the secular authorities.

    Instead, the elders judge, or determine, whether an individual can remain in the congregation.

    If he is repentant, he may remain in the congregation. However, the elders will inform him that he may never

    qualify to receive any congregation privileges or to serve in any position of responsibility in the congregation.

    Out of concern for the welfare of children, the elders may privately warn the parents of minors in the congregation

    of the need to monitor their children’s interactions with the individual. When taking such measures, the elders are

    careful to maintain the privacy of those hurt by the sin.

    To me, this is an improvement. However, it is not enough to eradicate the pain caused to thousands of victims of past abuse at the hands of JWs.

    I.e., if they hope this will staunch the flow of lawsuits headed their way - nope.

  • stuckinarut2

    It should be simple.

    If they knew of a suspected MURDERER, they would report it straight to the police - right?

    But if they know of a suspected CHILD ABUSE case, they conduct their own internal investigations before deciding what to do??


    It is GB arrogance and conceit - they are putting their own policies ahead of respecting the laws of the country, and the safety and well being of a victim!

  • LoyalLeon

    @sir82 this is no improvement, it's policy already held for some time and taught at KMS to all elders.

    it's infuriating there is no question to the part of 14 you are quoting in the beginning of your post; as most dumbed-down readers will think this applies only to places where reporting is required by law as mentioned and asked for in paragraph 13


  • sir82

    I should have clarified - it is an improvement in the sense that they are (finally) stating the (bleedin') obvious, in print - that child abuse is a crime.

    They are at least making an attempt to get it thru the skulls of the dumber JWs that there should be a distinction between [handling the crime] and [handling the 'sin']. In all the decades past that I recall, the word "crime" was rarely used in connection with articles dealing with child abuse. Here it is much more prominent.

    There are millions of JWs who won't believe something unless they see it in print in a Watchtower. Maybe now some will begin to understand that a JW might well be capable of committing a crime.

  • LoyalLeon

    sir82 -- agreed

  • WillYouDFme
    the elders may privately warn the parents of minors in the congregation of the need to monitor their children’s interactions with the individual.

    This is BullSh%t!! They MAY? So they may not? And how long do they do this? As people move in and out and have kids, do we trust them to MAY?

    How about when the creep moves? May the next congregation tell parents?

    What about all the kids in the neighborhood? May they tell those parents?

    This is just the WT CYA crap. Nothing will change.

  • ToesUp

    The child abuse is being mentioned a bit too much in JW land. Damage control, that is all it is.

    No 2 witnesses required if a man or a woman are seen leaving someones residence (assuming they spent the night together). Elders will sit outside of someones home to catch those ones. Hypocrisy at it's best.

    NOTHING will ever change with this cult.

    "Who have the responsibility to protect children from harm? Parents do. "

    WT will ALWAYS lay the blame on the rank and file. NOTHING IS EVER THEIR FAULT!!! SIGN OF TRUE NARCISSISTS!

  • zophar

    Look at the pictures. When was the last time you saw a "mature Christian Sister" sitting in on a Shepherding call from the elders with an abused Sister?


    Well think back to the Australian Commission and their insistence that women should be involved in the process or helping victims of abuse. Do you really think you would see that picture if it wasn't for the Commission's direction? No way!

    Having said that, I don't think that what is being illustrated in any way complies with the direction from the commission but it definitely does show something I don't recall ever seeing before in a JW publication.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    This requirement does not apply to whether elders or others report allegations of a crime.

    But isn't this new in a way? I thought elders could tell others that it's their choice to go to authorities, but if they ever did such a thing themselves before calling HQ they'd be in trouble. Isn't this giving them permission to do that now?

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