Dutch House of Representatives formally requests the government to start an investigation re. JW child abuse

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  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @sparrowdown: "David Splaine with a whiteboard, a pointer and a list of the three D's of fighting child abuse accusations.




    No joke, back when the Royal Commission caused its initial buzz in the community, the COBE of my congregation taught us a mantra for the platform to remember whenever a householder confronted us on the child abuse issue. He called it "The Three C's:

    We don't Condone it.

    We Condemn it.

    And we don't Cover it up."

    I remember riding home with my parents after that meeting and my father repeating it in the car for us to lock it into our memories. So, your Triple D theory is not far off from what was instructed of Witnesses back in 2015!

  • slimboyfat
    Jws said “no” and the reason is because the actual cases (not mere allegations) of child abuse are too low to justify one. [an enquiry]

    Is that what they said? How many cases is too few, and who made this judgement?

  • smiddy3

    Elders of Jehovah`s witnesses three of which in their Judicial Committees in Australia held over 1000 allegations of Child sexual abuse cases over a period of a few decades.

    That is more than 3000 Elders we are talking about.

    They obviously found grounds to rule against the perpetrator in many cases and either disfellowship them or restrict them from further activity in the congregation until they showed some remorse and/or repentance for their aberration behaviour

    Yet all of the Elders failed to notify the Child Protection Agency`s or the law Enforcement Body`s or the Police that alleged Crimes had been committed against children

    So all of these Elders failed in their moral capacity and their ethical capacity to provide protection for the most vulnerable ,the children under their care as shepherds to the flock .

    They should be ashamed of themselves one and all.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Doubter, here is another way to look at it, where I live in Australia we have very strong work place health and safety laws that are designed to reduce on the job accidents and injuries.

    As an employer I must have documented operating procedures and systems in place to identify and eliminate unsafe work practices, for the benefit of my workers.

    If one of my workers suffers a serious injury or killed at work and it can be traced back to an unsafe machine or a unsafe work method etc that could have been made safe, then I would be in the line of fire for negligence.

    How is the WTB$ any different, their policy is "oh you got hurt at work, have you got two witnesses?... sorry" and your report joins the huge bulge under the carpet.

  • sparrowdown

    That's interesting, wake me.

    Sometimes "no truer word spoken in jest."

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