Child Smugglers Drop Children Over Border Wall

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  • waton
    Assuming you meant an anchor such as the ones found on a ship, I agree.

    Pzh: yes, you corrected me. another way to get that barb into the skin of the hapless animal, ( the longsuffering tax payer) is the industry that has sprung up to have "visiting" expectant mothers give birth in North America, thereby having a native born citizen to "sponsor" you.

  • Simon
    Are things really that bad in their Country that parents are willing to throw their 3 year old child over the border wall??

    Why are people assuming that the parents sent them and that they are not being trafficked?

    The Biden admin has set the clock back on the work done to prevent human trafficking by encouraging and promoting the current border crisis. It ends up providing cover for the traffickers.

    It's a shame that they were so preoccupied with their "orange man bad" policy and automatically doing the opposite of whatever the Trump admin did, that they are willing to sacrifice the well-being of so many innocent people, especially children.

    We're still waiting to hear from all the people like AOC who were so vocal when Trump was in charge but who now obviously don't give a shit about what is happening and can't even arrange a photo-op for self-promotion.

  • Rocketman123

    If that is the new border wall that Trump built, its effectiveness appears to be redundantly weak.

    and what kind of immoral cruel parent would do something like that ?

  • truth_b_known

    Are things so bad in Honduras that parents are willing to send their children, unaccompanied, to another country and then thrown over a wall into yet another country? Sounds like another country back in the mid-20th century where parents hid their children in someone else's attic to prevent their children from being murdered. The difference is that last country never directly effected the U.S. and the U.S. still sent its military in to fix that atrocity.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Child Smugglers Drop Children Over Border Wall - what is Mexico doing that is so bad that smugglers drop kids over 14 feet border walls?

  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon

    Rocketman, You represent exactly what is wrong with the left minded "Orange Man Bad" thinking in all its inherent dishonesty and pure numbskullery.

    The wall that Trump "built" is ineffective because:
    1. The Democrats, led by Lefty extremists fought tooth and nail against building the wall for years. No real reason was given for them fighting against it because every single Democrat who railed against it has a wall around their own homes, keeping them safe from the unknowns of outside actors. Trump had to use various military funds to even get it started. Congress finally passed a small Billions bill (compared to Biden's Trillions bill for so-called infrastructure) but that started later into his presidency. The lefty media railed against it day and day out for years, some obstructed, some sued, but Trump finally began to prevail and get it built. (No thanks to people like you.) All that cost dearly in time and thus it was left unfinished after he was run out of office by persona-based / race based politics that had nothing to do with actual policy.
    2. The places that the wall was actually finished all have gates, most of which are now left wide open by the Biden administration. Some of these are for flood control purposes, but you have to secure them when not flooding. The Biden administration refuses to do anything about it. Again, if you have an unfinished wall around your home, and you leave all your gates unlocked and wide open, the wall is useless.
    3. Some are scaling the wall. While that sound like a bad thing for a wall, it is not if you actually have people on the ground to easily stop this. The Biden administration has stopped ICE from having any real power to do much of anything. Again, if you have a wall around your home with locked gates, someone could scale it, but that slows them down long enough for your home cameras to catch them and alert you, or the police, etc. Plus it limits the sheer numbers of people who have the moxie to scale a wall like that.
    4. The wall was not intended to be used as the ONLY deterrent for illegal immigration. You need to use surveillance, on the border enforcement, as well as have GOOD SET OF POLICIES THAT ACTUALLY DISINCENTIVIZES THE ACTION TO BEGIN WITH. Again, the Biden Administration has sent an open invitation to every smuggler, coyote and bad actor, along with all kinds of other poor disenfranchised people looking for something better to absolutely FLOOD the border.

    No wall can counter all that nonsense.

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