Can You Make Sense Of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

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  • minimus

    As a child growing up, I would see different arguments to defend a certain belief. It may have required mental gymnastics in order to make a point but there was an actual attempt to explain, teach, and educate....even if the belief or teaching was bogus.

    Nowadays, it appears that JWs couldn’t explain any belief. They are drones and do as “Mother “ has directed.

  • cofty

    It's the end product of a decades-long process of infantilization.

  • oppostate

    True that!

    I think there is a large part of the American public that has also been infatilized, though. Judging by the state of readiness in college freshmen. Hopefully one of the much needed skills from their studies is how to reason and think critically.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    Because JDubs are high on Watchtower cocaine, their brains have turned into split pea soup with no ability to look or think about anything in a critical way. The Borg is 100% happy with Watchtower bobblehead zombies.

  • Magnum

    I agree. Back in the eighties and maybe early 90's, there was at least the appearance of and some attempt at being more scholarly and research-oriented and eager to engage in others in controversial discussions. JWdom as a whole and JWs individually are very different now.

    I think JWs, at least somewhere in the recesses of their controlled minds, realize that they can't defend the org and their beliefs anymore, so we no longer see them desiring to get into deep discussions. They just want to direct people to JWdotORG and/or leave a one-page tract.

    JWdom lost. It's game over in the doctrinal arena. JWdom is now just a faint shadow of its former seemingly bold self.

  • Tech49

    I tend to agree with Magnum 100%. I remember when the REASONING book came out, as a High School student I was so thrilled to finally have a book that you could actually use to discuss difficult topics with people. The Ministry School focused for years on learning HOW to discuss, how to reason (albeit from WT viewpoints)...

    But now, no way no how. We are told to NOT discuss. Reasoning book is gone. Just place the paper pamphlets (mags) and direct people to the website. So lame and pitiful. Even witnesses that have been in for decades no longer know WHY they should believe something. There is no thought process any more. Deep discussions are frowned upon, and definitely discouraged in any group format. Just mindless cart work and driving in circles.

    Even the "School" is just a weak pale shadow of its former self. No more self-made talks on a particular subject. Remember when we used to get an assignment with just a TOPIC? And we had to do all the research on our own? Nowadays, a "talk" assignment is just a quick presentation, or a return visit, or maybe a scripted "bible study" from a few paragraphs out of a book. No more freedom of expression, freedom to make up your own talk. Even the "bible reading" is just that..... walk up on stage, read 10-15 verses, walk off. No comments, no application, nothing.

    BLAH. Drones for sure.

  • Reazon22

    Grew up thinking I was special and everyone who wasn’t a JW was wrong. I remember having intense bible debates with classmates and once I couldn’t control the conversation or someone didn’t agree with me i was followed up with at least my religion doesn’t ask for money or you don’t see any sex abuse, something I don’t w proud of. Now I don’t even have those legs to stand anymore.

  • Boredposter

    I can't help but wonder about a certain elder who pioneered for a very long time where I grew up. He genuinely loved field service, loved getting into big discussions with people. He knew the Bible very well and was college educated. His fondest memories seemed to be knockdown Bible brawls with 'born againners' in the late seventies and early eighties. What must this guy be thinking now? If only I could ask him...

  • minimus

    The bottom line is that they don’t want you to think! They are blind guides. Do what they say and trust their pronouncements.

  • punkofnice

    Remember that Bary Breaux (may the fleas of a thousand camels blight his underpants), when supporting the 2 witness paedophile protecting rule said that thinking about things written in a scripture can play tricks on the mind....don't think too deeply....or words to that effect. I don't have the quote to hand.

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