Automatic Disfellowshipping

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    Back in the 60's and 70's, when I was a JW, I held a number of ministerial posts. This meant that I was privy to many congregation issues that involved disfellowshipping or restrictions. Probation was the term that we used then for restrictions.

    If a person appeared before a JC and was found to be guilty and placed on restrictions, then the person could be automatically disfellowshipped if they committed the offence again whilst still on restrictions.

    I know this for this reason: One lady from our congregation who had engaged in fornication some years earlier had been placed on probation. She'd "served her time" and done all the right things. Some years later, well after the probation had ended, she did it again.

    Again she confessed. And again it was to the same elders. The elders didn't know how to deal with the fact that she was a two-timer, so telephoned London bethel for advice. The bethel told us that once restrictions had finished, then the first offence was irrelevant but that it would be an automatic dismissal if she had still been on restrictions when she offended for the second time.

    So I'm looking for some confirmation or refutation that automatic disfellowshipping does still occur if the person re-offends while on restrictions.

    Can anyone throw any light on this?

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    snugglebunny you are a repeat offender with the same topic twice in a row. I hereby put you on automatic forum restrictions. ;-)

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    Oh dear...sorry for repeating this thread. What a plonker. :-(

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    I didn't mean it as a rebuke, snugglebunny, just somewhere to start now as we have added posters since then.

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    Sorry I was only joking. There's no harm posting the same topics I don't think.

  • Solaris11

    Yes it still occurs. If someone commits fornication say, while on restrictions that is an automatic disfellowshipping. My flat mate was D'd without a judicial committee. He was put on restrictions for drunkenness. Then about three months later he got drunk again and slept with a work colleague. He confessed to one of the elders at the Thursday night meeting, and they told him after the meeting he was to be disfellowshipped. I've found automatic disfellowshipping occurs in a number of different scenarios. Like if the elders can prove without a doubt that someone has committed an outright act of apostasy then it's highly likely the elders will automatically disfellowship that person. Yes sure the elders they will go through the motions of talking to the person but basically the decision to oust them will have been made beforehand.

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    Three strikes, baby.

  • BluesBrother

    In theory, it does not happen . They say" each case on its merits and repentance is always possible"

    Like anything, though it depends on the BOE , who you are, etc.

    In my last Cong. I sat on a J C. The young Sis. Had committed immorality about 3 months before and had been reported. Now she did it again. We d/f'd her. An appeal committee overturned it, accepting her repentance.

    That was in the '90's..........

    I agree with Solaris that apostasy is pretty much a done deal before they sit, especially if it were leaking info or long term criticism on the we do here...

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