Stories of "Miracles"

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  • cappytan
    So, all of us have probably heard a lot of urban miracle legends over the years in the org.
    Here's one from outside the org.
    Years ago, I worked with this lady. She was my supervisor. We liked having discussions on God and the Bible. I was counting my time, of course.
    Turns out, she studied for like 4 years with the Witnesses. I asked her why she stopped studying. It had to do with some drama with her husband and the lady that was studying with her. (He slept with the Pioneer, lol!)
    Anyways, she attended the Assembly of God church at that point and gushed over it all the time.Thinking I could get her back in the cult, I asked her what made her think that the church was the truth and had God's blessing.
    She proceeds to tell me a story about how she was thinking of leaving the church for another, but prayed earnestly to God and decided to attend one more time. While she was there, she said that during a hymn an angel appeared in bright shining golden robes with a trumpet and flew around the room blowing the trumpet throughout the song and that everyone witnessed it.
    I wanted to tell her it was a demon, but decided since she was my supervisor I should keep my mouth shut.In retrospect, we were both insane. lol
    What kind of crazy "miracle" stories have you heard? JW or otherwise?
  • Heartsafire
    When I was growing up I had a neighbor my age who was Catholic. She claimed to have seen Jesus looking at her through a mirror, and she regularly saw Mary and saints walking around in her home. She claimed God spoke to her and told her it meant he was with her. This was when we were about 6 or 7 yrs old. Made the hairs on back of my neck stand up. She did go to one meeting with me and told me my church was "weird." LOL.
  • cappytan
    Here's another one I remember a JW telling me.
    They told me they were going door to door. They were working with a specific brother. They made sure to tell me they were with this particular brother to make it almost unimpeachable since this brother wasn't considered one of the insane ones of the congregation.
    They call on this house, and the guy is having a good conversation about the kingdom. They ask to sit down on the porch. The brother goes over to a rocking chair on the porch and the householder says, "That's where Jerry [some name, can't remember] sits."
    The brother chuckled but sat down anyway. The minute he sat down, he got pushed by some invisible entity from behind and went face first into the flower bed over the rail of the porch.
    Come to find out, this "Jerry" or whatever his name was was a dead relative of the householder.
    "There was definitely a demon in that house, Cappy."
    I believed this bullshit story.
  • OneEyedJoe

    I was once told by a "brother" how jehovah had protected him from a dog attack. He was going up to a house but didn't notice the pit bull sitting on the porch. The dog charges at him full speed and he cries out to jehovah and suddenly its like the dog hit a wall and fell down and sulked back to the porch before he ran away.

    Even as a believing JW I was pretty sure that this was a case of someone with a fear of dogs (confirmed) failing to notice that the dog was chained to the porch. He was terrified of dogs so he didn't notice minor details and didn't stick around to realize that it wasn't, as he claimed, an invisible angel that stepped between him and the dog, but a perfectly ordinary dog chain.

  • The Hermit
    The Hermit

    My grandmother is a J-dub. Well she told me one time she was reading her bible and whatever she has read must've boosted her faith X1000 because as she was done reading she defiantly said out loud ''YOU'LL NEVER GET ME, SATAN!'' Instantaneously she felt two strong invisible hands grabbing her by the neck, strangling her. ''Jehovah!'' she croaked and as soon as the divine name was pronounced, Satan backed off and let her go.

    Oh and she's one of the 144,000. God spoke to her apparently, saying ''I choose you''. And bam just like that she's anointed. I call it autohypnosis.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    One of my new favorites is the Dubyah Broadcasting experience of the unbelieving mate/engineer who made a deal with god to go to a meeting if he helped him find a leak in some plumbing. Classic JW superstitious craziness.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @OneEyedJoe - I vaguely remember hearing the miracle of Jah protecting a brother in field service from an angry pooch.

    I also remember the single sister, working on her own, calling on a criminal's door. The criminal leaves the sister unharmed - all due to angelic protection.

    The above are 'good' miracles. Here's an example of a 'bad' one I heard when I first started going to meetings: Someone who was called on in the field service hated JWs and blasphemed God's name. That person was reported dead shortly afterwards. Cause of death - unknown! 'Evidently', God or one of his angels had taken his life for the sin of blasphemy. Yup, there could be no other explanation!

  • Phizzy

    I actually experienced what I could have claimed was a miracle, whilst in F.S.

    Me and another guy knocked on this door, and all of a sudden a HUGE slavering dog flew around the corner, we stood our ground, and the dog whimpered,and slunk off back around the corner of the house.

    The woman then opened the door, and amazed said ,"He has never done that before ! " I realised she meant he had not attacked us, and asked her if this was so, she looked down and mumbled "yes".

    I could have interpreted this as "angelic protection", except I had several times before, in purely secular settings, faced similar dogs, and they had slunk away. Looking back I think I have been lucky,but these were not trained guard dogs.

  • zeb

    In the ARC a court witness described how she prayed for Jehovah to surround her at night with angels to protect her from the sexual mauling she would get from her father (elder in good standing) but Jehovah didn't.

    Evidently the application of 'miracles' is like the wts itself very selective.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    "Apparently" you cannot rely on miracles.

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