How long until some of the Biblical apocrypha will be inserted into the WT teachings?

by nonjwspouse 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • smiddy

    As Phizzy says the JW/WT religion has accepted the Bible canon that Apostate religion namely Christendoms ,Catholic and Protestant Churches have agreed to , as to what constitutes the Bible Canon with the Catholic Church identifying the books of the Apocrypha .

    Years ago in the book" Equipped for Every Good Work" which dealt with all the books of the Bible it did praise the book of Maccabees both 1 & 2 as being valuable for an insight into jewish history / culture ,if I remember it right.

    It always puzzeled me why the JW`s went along with Apostate Christendoms definition of what constituted the Bible Canon.

    But then again thats not unanimous either is it ? Russian Orthodox Church ,Polish National Catholics ,Eastern Orthodox Church ,Roman Catholic Church ,Protestant Churches The Greek Orthodox Church ,,and I`m sure their are a few others I have missed.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    It will never happen and here's why: If the governing body added apocryphal books to the JW Bible, they would have to concede that the Bible as we know it didn't arrive gift wrapped from heaven. They'd have to explain that the Bible they have been deriving their teaching from all these years was voted into being by the Roman Catholic Church - yes - the whore of Babylon herself! A revelation like that would totally undermine the entire Watchtower theology.

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