Part 2 of the article about me and my family and JWs is out this morning....

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  • lastmanstanding

    This is great news!

  • Biahi

    Great article! Are you aware if your mother or other still in family members have seen this?

  • dubstepped

    I don't know for sure that family has seen it, but I'm sure they have. My Facebook is public, it was shared around, my name is the same as my dad's and he was an elder that gave talks all over. I assume they know. If not that they may have listened to or become aware of my This JW Life podcast where I outlined this in even more detail over 9 episodes. So if they haven't seen this, they probably know of the existence of the podcast. If not that maybe they know of the Shunned Podcast that I do or my presentation recently at the local university. I doubt they can avoid it all.

  • VIII

    Great write up and very nicely done by the journalist. He covered the JW shunning really well. You covered the issues very well. I hope you and your brother are getting on and are able to have a long-term relationship.

    The shunning is just unbelievable. People I know simply don't believe that the JWs are so cruel; they come off so sincere when at the door. I've given up trying to explain why my family is the way they are. I hope this gets more coverage. Kudos.

  • dubstepped

    Thanks VIII. Yes, my brother and I chat when we can. We don't live anywhere near each other but we keep up with one another and I go visit him when I can get away. I lost a mother, father, brother, and sister, but I got one brother back. With shunning you take what you can get. I like what you said about people seeing them as such sincere people at the door, and they are sincere, but they're in something that's sincerely messed up. I just put things out as I can and see what happens, so I'm glad that people like the work I do in whatever way.

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