JWR usernames list

by StarryNight9 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • sweetgrass

    Sweetgrass = only on JWR

    Not that sweet though :)

  • Thomas the Bill Engine
    Thomas the Bill Engine
    Rematar on JWR, this freaky thing on here lol
  • Worldling9

    worldling9 on JWR

    Now I'm a brown lobster.

  • thereishope

    JWR = icanseeclearlynow

    JWD = thereishope

    how I feel about JWR closing the way they did, still collecting my feelings and thoughts and don't know yet how much you'll see of me here

    how I feel about my avatar being a squished purple alien being

  • alicious

    MissFit on Jwr. Alicious is a funny nickname that I got from my friend's then 2 year old. I sent off an email to see if I can change it to JWRMissFit, but haven't heard back yet. I'd also be happy with Miss Fit since MissFit is already taken here 😟.

  • blondie

    JWR = blondie

    JWN = blondie

  • Gwydion

    thereishope, for some reason I was hoping your new name would be "therainisgone"

    JWR = Taythan

    JWD = Gwydion

    I was actually here first about 12 years ago. went through a long period of time not thinking about my jw past at all. and recently because a friend of mine was fascinated by the topic it resurfaced and I found JWR. When JWR went down I discovered that this board still existed and it was quite the password recovery process because I couldn't even remember the password for the e-mail address I used to sign up here let alone the password from 12 years ago.

  • rusholme

    Rusholme here, and there!

  • notjustyet

    Jwr as Scummydross

    Have asked a couple times to have it changed here but not successful yet.

  • Wayward

    Wayward here and there. Finally was able to get my avatar changed under my user profile. Happy dance!

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