Does Christianity Promote Self Hatred?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think that Christianity's teachings pose a very unproductive world view and are a danger to our survival. Their teachings that man is sinful and worthy of death and in need of a savior to rescue him and free him of his sinful tendencies or else feel the wrath of God. These things that condemn man as sinful are his own powerful drives given to him at conception which he now must deny due to indoctrination and consign to his shadow(Jungian). therefore this denial leads to all sorts of problems when trying to regulate it intelligently. These natural inherited drives are classified as an affront to the supreme being/God. Since these drives we inherited in our human nature suppressing them by religion is not good. We need to understand them, accept them, and direct them properly with wisdom not delusional suppression to make a imaginary insecure Deity happy.

    My thoughts are if mankind keeps this mind set his collective shadow(Jungian) will grow and lead to many problems in the future. Christianity offers a kind of slave morality of humble obedience which has very little to contribute to the human race bettering itself.

    I'm hopeful that this trend has been reversed by the information age and the religion's totally wacked out ideas about how to please an egotistical supreme being who has temper tantrums will be assign to the shit can of stupid phobias.

    No only is Christianity a huge waste of time it's morals are of a Bronze age mentality that science shows to be obsolete and not very helpful at correcting harmful tendencies in our species.

    Masters are creators of morality; slaves respond to master-morality with their slave-morality. Unlike master morality which is sentiment, slave morality is based on re-sentiment—devaluing that which the master values and the slave does not have. As master morality originates in the strong, slave morality originates in the weak. Because slave morality is a reaction to oppression, it vilifies its oppressors. Slave morality is the inverse of master morality. As such, it is characterized by pessimism and cynicism. Slave morality is created in opposition to what master morality values as 'good'.
    Slave morality does not aim at exerting one's will by strength but by careful subversion. It does not seek to transcend the masters, but to make them slaves as well. The essence of slave morality is utility:[4] the good is what is most useful for the whole community, not the strong. Nietzsche saw this as a contradiction. Since the powerful are few in number compared to the masses of the weak, the weak gain power by corrupting the strong into believing that the causes of slavery (viz., the will to power) are 'evil', as are the qualities they originally could not choose because of their weakness. By saying humility is voluntary, slave morality avoids admitting that their humility was in the beginning forced upon them by a master. Biblical principles of turning the other cheek, humility, charity, and pity are the result of universalizing the plight of the slave onto all humankind, and thus enslaving the masters as well. "The democratic movement is the heir to Christianity."[5]—the political manifestation of slave morality because of its obsession with freedom and equality.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I feel that this self hatred fostered by Christianity turns inward(unconsciously) and cause all sorts of harm on the species both psychologically and physically, especially by the religious fanatic who seems to be more indoctrinated then the average disciple.

    I think that when one is on the road to recovering from a mind control Christian cult one needs to be aware of any residual self hatred in order to shed harmful behavior.

  • WTWizard

    Christinsanity is nothing more than a program to usher in full communism. The rules and principles encourage slavery--going the extra mile, tolerating unlimited abuse, unlimited forgiveness when the person is not even trying to improve (or even trying to ruin your life), not fighting back when attacked. The sex hangups are designed to lower birth rates so races go extinct--the superior and purer races (white, black, and Asian races) while they are all degraded. Ultimately, Christinsanity will weaken the whole human race so "god's chosen people" can come in and enslave the whole planet. This is what happened during the First Dark Ages.

    Islam is no better. While the platform is barely better (and I mean barely), the execution of it is just as bad. Train people to go into pure countries and trash things, blow things up, hide all things of beauty, and take everything from people that have a little surplus (because they worked for it) and give it to those who, because of their laziness or religious piety, are poor. Again, full communism and enslavement is the result, while cultures are destroyed.

    While Islam does not claim original sin (which is the sole improvement beyond Christinsanity), they do proclaim that we belong to allah. As such, we do not belong to ourselves--again, communism. Christinsanity and islam both destroy civilizations, they both teach people to be ashamed of anything of value or beauty, and they are both total rubbish. Judaism, the root of both (and the essence is found both in the Old Testament of the xian LIE-ble and the quran), is just as bad and also has to go.

    I see nothing wrong with people taking a skeptical atheist or agnostic stand while they do unbiased research on these programs designed to enslave the whole human race. Better an atheist than a xian or muslim. At least atheists, unlike both xians and muslims, do not donate spiritual energy to the damnation of the whole world (and both are as bad as each other at this).

  • Wild_Thing

    I don't think you can paint Christianity with such a large stroke. There are about as many different varieties of Christianity as there are fish in the sea, and while I don't agree with their beliefs, there are some brands of Christianity that do not promote self-loathing.

    However, most religions fit what you describe and promote the idea that you must always strive to be better, and instill a sense that you are never good enough. The JWs are champ at it. It's a hard feeling to shake, especially when it is instilled from birth.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Does Christianity Promote Self Hatred? - in a way, yes.

    Don't forget the hatred for others, too!

  • ttdtt

    Hmm - this may answer that question.

  • scratchme1010

    Does Christianity Promote Self Hatred?


  • Xanthippe
    Their teachings that man is sinful and worthy of death and in need of a savior to rescue him and free him of his sinful tendencies or else feel the wrath of God.

    Yes of course it promotes self hatred and also hatred of other people. Now we know we are simply another animal on this planet that has drives to survive, to gather stuff around us so we don't starve or freeze to death and also to reproduce, it becomes clear we don't have sins just animal instincts.

    When our instincts are in conflict with the needs of others it can make us seem selfish but we're all just trying to survive. Babies are born little animals with instincts and needs, they're not born full of sin! What a vile teaching!

    We're not broken, we don't need saving. We need loving parents who help us to fill our needs and teach us how to live around other people so that our needs don't conflict with theirs and cause pain. That's what we need, not religion telling us we're broken and need fixing, anymore than a kitten or puppy is broken, they're just new.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @ttdtt Woody Allen wryly remarked that masturbation is merely "sex with someone you love." I don't know anyone that's loved their rapist. Alas, if you're a self-hating Christian, then ja... that's self-rape.


  • flipper

    BROKEBACK- Yeah, I agree with you. I mean if people are insecure enough that they feel they need something in their lives like the Bible or religion to lean on- well and fine- for them personally - but I don't agree with people pushing , proselytizing and forcing Christianity down other people's throats as a " cure all, be all " - because it's NOT a " cure all, be all " solution at all.

    In fact, as you wrote very well, Christianity and I feel most religion teaches this self hatred thing that we were all " born sinners " and need " forgiveness " or need to be " saved " . Which I've always felt is a bunch of crap. I mean think about it- what " loving, heavenly father " would sacrifice his own " son " , have him killed in order for a bunch of people to live ? That's freaking insane. What's so " loving " about that ?

    The fact of the matter and REAL truth is this- when babies are born into this world they are pure, young children are loving, they don't LEARN how to hate or be prejudiced towards others until the family , the parents, grandparents, whoever they are around or environment they are being raised up in - TEACHES them to hate and be prejudiced ! Then this chain of hate and prejudice and not accepting of other people gets handed down from one generation to the next over hundreds if not thousands of years ! It's fucking insanity man. If you don't believe me- just look at the middle east and their hatred . Or look at the allegedly " Christian " population here in the United States and how hundreds of years of thinking that they were " chosen " by God or " manifest destiny " to " educate " all the native indigenous people here who lived here for centuries without white man's interference - look what that caused- enslavement of Native Americans on reservations and they had their land stolen by these " Christians "

    I'm like you Brokeback , I'm on the same page here- I have very little tolerance for self righteous " Christian " bigots who think they are " better " or " holier " than everybody else. Some of the most " Christian " acting people I've ever known are atheists and agnostics. Not " Christians " , And that's the truth

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