Prince’s Wife Tells All About The Star’s Involvement With Scientology

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  • oppostate

    According to Prince’s wife, Mayte Garcia’s new tell-all book, even though the late star identified as a Jehovah’s Witness, he was also quite interested in Scientology in the 90s!

    The woman who was married to the rock icon for 4 years until 2000 revealed that another celebrity tried to convert him to the controversial faith.

    However, it turns out that the singer chose to step away from the religion.

    According to Garcia, he thought Scientology was “intriguing,” but ”I don’t need somebody telling me how to believe in my God.”

    “He was always a spiritual seeker…He was way too smart to be sucked into something just because he was vulnerable in that moment,” the wife stated.

    Furthermore, Garcia, who is now 47 years old, revealed that Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness as a coping mechanism following the death of their baby boy, Amir.

    Prince’s friend, bassist Larry Graham was the one who introduced him to the religion that soon took over every part of his everyday life.

    Because of that, he changed so much his marriage with Garcia was ruined.

    The woman explains in the book that Prince was so much into the religion that he thought God was punishing him for the type of life he used to lead and that his infant’s death was the greatest price to pay for his reckless existence up to that point.

    Garcia, who was a born Catholic, could not see things the way her husband did, no matter how much she tried.

    “I…refused to embrace the Gospel According to Graham. I was the enemy now, the opposer, who wanted to drag him back to the sinful ways of Babylon.”

    Prince would keep being faithful to his religion until his death in 2016, at the age of 57.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "Prince would keep being faithful to his religion during his drug use up until his death in 2016, at the age of 57."

    Yes, what was Simon's tread? "Even if it's not the truth, it's still the best way to live."

    Because it is SWELL.

  • Finkelstein

    Prince would keep being faithful to his religion until his death in 2016, at the age of 57.

    Actually he was faded from the JWS from the time of his death and a couple years back, only making the odd occasional appearance.

    How that guy got away from not being DFed is an amazement itself but I guess if you aren't seen within the JW community too much, you cant be placed under a magnifying glass.

    Add in the rich celebrity status the WTS/JWS exploits as a vehicle of propaganda and its becomes obvious why the WTS/JWS treats these people with indifference.

    One of the last pictures of him .......

  • notjustyet

    Did anyone hear his last song?

    "purple thousand year reign"

  • Simon

    It's a strange thing how the religious views of music, movie and sports stars are held in such high regard.

    People often forget that they do these things because they had some natural ability but when it comes to "education" and overall intelligence, some are rather lacking.

    They are successful, in their fields, so people think they must be knowledgable and skilled. And they are ... in their field.

    Actors especially can be seen playing roles of super-intelligent, professional people in movies ... but often they left school early with no real experience other than drama-club.

    And yet the world listens to what they say about life and belief, for some strange reason.

    Many times their lives are really rather shallow and empty which is why they try to fill then with a combination of throw-money-at-it religions or throw-money-at-it addictions, both potentially deadly.

  • Finkelstein

    "purple thousand year reign"

    Good one notjustyet

  • Diogenesister
    Purple thousand year reign 😂

    Prince was so stoned it was just another coping mechanism where he could "nod out" and dream about paradise, without paying the KH too many visits. Win-win if you've got a reason you want to escape reality.


  • steve2

    As with other "devout" "celebrity JWs, Prince had his own take on that religion. He had an incredibly narcissistic view of how Jehovah guided him in the music industry and even held some very non-JW views such as belief in the third eye. Look at the art work for his last CD, a 3D image showing him with three eyes.

    At the time if his death, Prince was an inactive JW who still enjoined his employees to accompany him to the Kingdom Hall every now and then. But, as with his actual music career, his active life as a JW was well in the past.

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