ARC report released today.. and phew!

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  • AverageJoe1

    Released today? That was released back in October of last year! It is an excellent report and is an official book (as it has an ISBN number as well). Well worth taking the time to read through. I read it and underlined it during several meetings at the KH. If it's one thing I've learned from the WTS, it's to underline well!!! :)

    They ARC first released a preliminary report after the case, after which the WTS presented their rebuttal basically going against everything Geoff Jackson said at the hearing.

    Then a few months back the ARC presented their final report taking into account the WTS rebuttal and this is what has provoked another hearing, due to start a week on Monday.

    Here are the official links just in case you want to share them with an active JW who is freaked out by "apostate" info so they should accept this as coming from an official government legal site. The files are in PDF format.

    1) ARC's First Report:

    2) WT's Rebuttal:

    3) ARC's Final Report:


  • flipper

    ZEB- Thanks for posting this information. Very informative. I'll have to read it carefully all the way through. WT Society is being exposed for what it is- a criminal organization that protects criminals, dangerous ones at that.

    In the U.S. WT leaders are trying to skirt around any negative publicity of the child abuse crisis by settling these hundreds of WT child abuse cases with victims out of court- so as to avoid media exposure. One reason they have sold off Bethel properties and are selling off many kingdom halls to have the cash flow to settle out of court with gag orders being placed on child abuse victims. I'm sure they are attempting to put out child abuse fires worldwide right now. WT leaders don't want any more Candace Conti type situations dominating major news headlines.

    But WT can only put out these fires and try to hide it so long from the public- in time financially they'll run out of money trying to cover up their skeletons in the closet - and the skeletons will turn into live Zombies and come back and rip WT apart . WT leaders can only hide in the shadows so long. Just a matter of time, but it will take time for this to happen. I can hardly wait. Justice needs to be served against these WT leader bastards for the sake of children who have suffered

  • Vanderhoven7

    A JW's response to the ARC report:

    Sorry the report is a load of what comes out of the North end of a horse going South.

    First the Australian Congregations (and this is from the Gov't of Australia itself) have had 1000 accusations in 65 years there. That is about 15 claims per year. Oops all other Churches and Gov't agencies, etc have had nearly 5000 accusations in one year (2014) and that is over 13 a DAY. The problems are so bad there they should have been asking Geoffrey Jackson how we did so well against the garbage that is in all Countries. The whole "trial" was a sham against JW's.

    The record in Australia is better than any other group.

    Oh and as for the supposed Witness you have been talking to, he has exposed his problems and prejudice.

    I know Bro Jackson and my wife and I are friends of his parents. Oh, do you know why he was in Australia? He was there to visit his father who was dying. His demeanor was based on this unexpected attack and his father dying. He did quite well and yes I saw the interview and what a blatantly prejudiced individual the Gov't agent was.

  • Vanderhoven7

    My response:

    You are comparing apples with oranges. Try comparing your stats with a single church group with a relatively equal number of members; Seventh Day Adventists for example. There are 67,000 JW publishers in Australia..and 1000 cases of alleged criminal behavior we know about that were not reported to police. How many more the Watchtower is hiding, we don't know.

  • zeb


    this site does not indicate any 'witnesses' who will be called. I guess it is stay tuned.

    I do know many reports are dated at completion but not released until a time later for many whatever reasons.

    The value is still there and also I know gb member Jackson was said to be in the middle of a family bereavement as the justice said and kindly too it is something we all go through but at a middle to older age we learn to still function.

    Will there be any of the gb flown in to appear if required at the hearings in March? It would be a glorious opportunity to perform a witness 'from the top' .

  • Fisherman

    AJ1 Thanks for the links.

  • slimboyfat
    Now some 7,000 JWs have now done the check, were issued their cards and complied with the law. This was a victory for those who took on the cause and a slap in the face to the governing body.

    This kind of adversarial response, even to positive developments, doesn't encourage JWs to reform further. Ex-JW activists should consider: is their aim to reform Watchtower or to humiliate Watchtower. Because adversarial responses seeking the latter may be counterproductive to the former.

  • Ruby456

    good point sbf


    There is no improper "adversarial response" to cults who allow child rape to continue for the sake of saving face and money.

    Do you really think a politically correct response to the GB will make a difference? What are you smoking? They would have made reform, but people were mean, and didn't choose the right wording...

    Those legalistic, lying, Pharasaic assholes have been covering up this shit for decades upon decades. It's time for a bitch-slap of truth, and retribution.


    I can't wait to watch them squirm, and watch the WTBTS burn.


  • zeb

    My thanks for your comments and the odd pm people.

    Often I am posting links as best I can but it far better if everyone makes a regular check to the ARC site themselves.

    This way they are quoting/seeing the source and not what some other person said and the other person (me) has illness which requires he leaves this site from time to time.

    Look up the ARC site and watch out for the hearings due on the wt in March.

    thanks all.

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