Condescending theist tries to comfort fellow exjw's by telling them life isn't worth living without Sky Daddy

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  • cappytan
    Stan: Arrrrrrrrrrgh.
  • talesin

    There's some religious guy who started a bunch of exJW groups a few years back on facebook. Examples: Ex-JW's From Maine, Ex-JW's from Atlantic Canada, ad nauseum. Turns out he was recruiting for his church (imo). I don't belong to any groups about JWS , but I do look in on some of the open ones if something in a friend's feed catches my eye. He is still VERY active in the exJW community ........ and I'm not sure he's even an exJW himself.

    Wow, some of my disappeared - so, moral of the story is, beware of poseurs who are just trolling for 'lost sheep'.




    The rewards far outway the consequences of living a self serving life.

    If anyone wants to step up as organizer all you have to do is pay 15 dollars before a month from now and its yours. You can pay from month to month.

    ........................God For Rent..

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