The "shunned" podcast is now up and ready to go...

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  • dubstepped

    My wife's story is the first episode that I announced here of "shunned". I will be lining up more interviews soon. I woke up to three emails from people that want to talk. I'm thinking there won't be a shortage of material. The bottleneck will be my time and energy.

    @NY44M - I'd be happy to drink with you only I don't drink much other than water so I'm inexpensive to buy for, lol.

  • Done

    Nearly 40 years. Never DF'd but definitely shunned on my way out due to lies from a narcissistic (now ex) wife who months after the divorce got herself disfellowshiped. Not ready, and may never be ready to discuss it on a podcast. But I could tell stories of being shunned.... Domestic violence charges against the ex, and I'm getting shutting. Public reproof on the ex, and I'm shunned. Unchristian behavior judicial committee meetings on the ex, and I'm shunned. And that's just the last 15 years. Let's go back to childhood with a stepfather MS and complaints from myself and sister about physical and sexual violence and the kids are shunned while the monster is allowed to continue

  • dubstepped

    Hey Done, if you want to tell your story go to my site,, and fill out the contact form with some information. Heck, just copy and paste the above if you want. I'll add you to the list of people to contact. It sounds like you have some unique stories, and you touched on something there that I find very interesting, and that is how some people do horrible things and aren't shunned yet a person like you is.

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