How does the Preaching Work get done Under a Ban?

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  • alcyone

    In communist Czechoslovakia, it was the same.

    No house-to-house. No public display of magazines or Bibles. Starting informal conversation on weather, nature, architecture, ... after few minutes "What do you say, would not be wonderful if the whole earth was paradise?"

    I tell you, when the communism fell, it was so difficult to start standard house to house ministry.

  • Quarterback

    This is interesting. I think that it would be more enjoyable to be in informal clothing. Just talk about current events at a mall. No pressures from a CO telling you to do more House to House, Return Visits and Bible Studies.

    But, somehow I think in our country they would probably want us to get up at 4 am and distribute tracks about how our religious freedoms are violated.

  • ssn587

    Sit with a watch tower under them and keeping silent, but keeping track of their time kind of like cart witnessing only talking to themselves and keeping time maybe?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Poorly, just as when not under a ban.

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