The real Dracula?

by LoveUniHateExams 13 Replies latest social entertainment

  • Simon
    is the Dracula adaptation you saw the one that is written by Mark Gatiss and stars Claes Bang?

    Yes, look like the same guy. The best character is the woman that plays Van Helsing, and it is mostly set in the past but jump to modern times toward the end. It was just well done.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The best character is the woman that plays Van Helsing - yes, she's good.

    I bought the dvd 2 weeks ago.

    I also thought Claes Bang was good as Dracula.

    I liked the Castle set, too.

    It was pretty good over three episodes.

  • Justaguynamedmorph

    I saw that myself. i thought the modern era was good but the “past” story line really hooked me and drew me in

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I liked the first and third episodes (no 1 was in Dracula's castle and no 3 was in the present day).

    I thought the middle episode, with Dracula on board the Demeter, was a little weak.

    But, generally speaking, the series was good.

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