Reason of financial problems WTS

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  • xjwsrock
    I will add though that in this internet age... secrets are harder to keep.
  • xjwsrock

    I also like what Sir82 said about big construction loans being held up because of financial risk assessed by the banks.

    Makes perfect sense. If Chase Manhattan tells them to stop construction immediately, they will stop. The next loan draft would be held up until they complyed.

    The WT will then tell the writing department to come up with some way to spin it to the sheeple.

  • done4good

    Crazyguy, before you call people "dumb as rocks", let me fix this for you...

    I think people are just broke most of the growth in the past decade has been from poor immigrants. Most jws no nothing of the law suits their dumb as rocks. Those that can donate if thier not, it's because of apathy do to the never ending proclamation the end is near. The slow down stoppage could also be staged to go to a tything program. The Borg put tything in their new Bible. This could be their master plan.

    I think people are just broke. Most of the growth in the past decade has been from poor immigrants. Most JWs know nothing of the lawsuits. They are dumb as rocks. Those that can donate, if they are not, it's because of apathy due to the never ending proclamation the end is near. The slow down stoppage could also be staged to go to a tithing program. The Borg put tithing in their new Bible. This could be their master plan.

    We "apostates" certainly do not make a good case when we insult JWs, especially when the point we are trying to make is obfuscated by our own ironic ignorance.


  • Gorbatchov

    My friend "the non-witness insider" has no role in the organization and he is one of the University professors that keeps away from being used by the WTS for their own reasons.

    Once upon a time he wrote a good analyse about the witness population, it's a standard publication, but hard to find these days.

    The contact he has with the higher echelon is informal. Can you understand that those higher people just like te speak with someone from outside, shearing their thoughts...

    That's it and no more than that!

    That's all I can say, and please don't do a guess-game.


  • Crazyguy
    Done4good, your right and let's not forget I used to be one of those ignorant people.
  • Finkelstein

    Lets makes it perfectly clear that the WTS is not buckling financially due to law suits. I think there is an assumption by JWS and those who left this organization that the WTS is really poor, in reality that's far from the truth.

    The WTS collected close to billion dollars just from the sales of its Brooklyn New York properties.

    This new accumulated wealth has drawn up its own acknowledgment by a lot of JWS, particularly from people who had been working at Bethel HQ there and abroad.

    These pedeo law suits has little relevance to the organization's over all financial picture.

    Never take the WTS leaders word concerning poor funds, this slight of hand has been going on from a very long time. They may be using this excuse as plausible means to let some the Bethel workers go, remove the older ones but hang onto the young ones who are a bit more ignorant and naive to the WTS doctrines from the past ie. 1975 etc.

    When you are supposedly a non profit charitable religious organization you have to be constantly aware of how much wealth your revealing to both government watchers, as well the gullible naive flock your cultivating wealth from.

  • steve2

    Thanks for clarifying who your source is Gorby. So he is clearly not intricately involved in the organization and is merely repeating what he says he has been told. Hohum. That makes a huge difference. Reading your OP in that aditional light changes thing quite a lot!

    I should clarify I am not seeking names. That would be crazy.

    I have simply expressed disbelief that those who are intricately involved in the organization, especially in non-Witness roles, would spill the beans. As I've said before that would be akin to bankers and merchants divulging highly confidential client information - and would carry significant penalties in law.

  • JWdaughter

    I will state at the outset that I am ignorant of most of the issues involved.

    However, I think that they have the money to complete their two big projects as they are selling off old stuff in more expensive neighborhoods. The rest of it though. . .

    One thing I read somewhere (and that soon disappeared) was in reference to a kind of investing that is basically gambling with a bigger bite than normal investing as if you lost, you could lose more than you actually invest. . . not sure if that is the hedge funds, or what. However, as there are definitely incidents of financial malfeasance both in and out of the organization, I could see that the organization could be very screwed by one person with too much authority who made a bad decision in investments that could seriously screw things up. Which may well have cut into the hundreds of millions in reserve that we have assumed for some time. Wishfully thinking? Maybe! Unheard of? Unfortunately, no.

    I also think that those lawsuits/claims have been nipped in the bud, expensively, before they become lawsuits. JWs now like to brag about how few lawsuits there are now. . . well, usually claims are made before lawsuits are filed. They could be paying hundreds of millions that never got to the point of becoming "lawsuits". We don't know, but while the RC church paid out a LOT in lawsuits, I imagine that there were many there that they never let get to that point because it was a losing battle. They just paid them to shut them up, like they have done with so many claims in the WTBTS already. Not letting them go to trial is one way. Not letting them get to a lawsuit is even better.

  • JWdaughter
    Dumb as rocks is what many of us were. NOT. Being naive is not the same. Choosing to stick ones head in the sand is not necessarily dumb. Look at how many suffer tragically after learning TTATT? If the truth is not the priority, then they can just let things go, keep playing the game and not be tormented about it. People in churches often go with little conviction-just to keep family happy they play the family game. Its not stupid, its strategic. When it matters, get out. If not so much, why destroy your life to prove a point or be right? Some of us HAVE to take the journey OUT, one way or the other. Others can stay in and still be fine.
  • 3rdgen

    I recently posed a hypothetical question to hubby. "What would you do if you learned TTATT and were a career Bethelite?" "What if you were in the inner circle of trust?" We both decided if we had any access to WT money it would be tempting to pay ourselves back for our long service. (embezzle and form a phony account overseas) If that were not feasible we would stay at Bethel as long as we could and work against WT interests as much as possible without being caught. Leaking confidential info being a top priority.

    Who can be sure a few others are not doing these very things?

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