JW's All Over the Earth ...

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    ... are standing at trolleys every day - millions of hours every year - and never approach people with the "good news" - as per the instructions of the self-proclaimed "faithful slave" in the USA.

    The forked tongue of the WT serpent speaks yet again:

    w16 May pp. 8-9 pars. 1-3 “Go, . . . and Make Disciples of People of All the Nations” - “But how do we know that the work we do is in fulfilment of Jesus’ prophecy? Is it presumptuous on our part to think that we are the [only] ones who are doing this work?

    2 Many religious groups feel that they are preaching the Gospel, or good news......How do these claims measure up when compared with what Jesus commanded his disciples to do?

    3 Were Jesus’ disciples to be passive, waiting for people to come to them? Definitely not!” :) :) :)

    "Apostates" couldn't make this up!

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Even as a child I used to wonder how offering magazines with articles about polar bears and insects could be regarded as life saving work. There is a no warning about the imminent demise of the world. All everyone knows about JWs is that they knock on your door at inconvenient times and refuse life saving blood transfusions.

  • nowwhat?

    Very good fall guy, goes along with the wt article a couple weeks ago, "we can still bear fruit by accomplishing nothing"

  • ttdtt

    This scripture comes to mind.

    We are, for we are not peddlers of* the word of God+ as many men are, but we speak in all sincerity as sent from God, yes, in the sight of God and in company with Christ.

  • blownaway

    My elder Uncle used to comment at meetings that if you read the Awake for 2 years you have the equivalent of a collage education.

  • punkofnice

    Even Jesus obeyed his real G.O.D.s, the Holy Governing body ...

  • steve2

    And speaking of the passivity of the cart "work" (and I used the word "work" advisedly), look at its insipid signage. E.g., "Is the Bible Really the Word of God?" "Happy and Strong Families" and "You Are Invited..."

    Not one of these lame signs even refers to "this good news of the kingdom". How on earth does this represent spreading the good news of the kingdom? Simple answer: Unless they were looking out for JWs and their carts, few, if any, passersby even notice the JWs are and what their "work" is.

  • zeb

    Blownaway:..."My elder Uncle used to comment at meetings that if you read the Awake for 2 years you have the equivalent of a collage education."

    I recall a quote from a gb member saying the same... what crap! Such a comment shows how little they know of the areas covered in depth by a college education.

  • punkofnice

    blowy - My elder Uncle used to comment at meetings that if you read the Awake for 2 years you have the equivalent of a collage education.

    I know. It's hilarious. Is this the kind of education we want?

    Educational ‘Awake!’ article titles:
    "Swiss- the Tasty Cheese With Holes In It"
    "Tree Frogs- Friend or Foe?’’
    "Are You Plagued With Loose Bowels?"
    "The Mighty Carrot."
  • smiddy3

    And what about the WatchTower announcing "Jehovah`s Kingdom" ? on thei front cover of their Magazine ?

    Where in the whole Bible ,OT and NT is their any mention of "Jehovah`s Kingdom " ? nowhere that I can think of .

    Whereas the Christian Greek Scriptures (N.T.) as J.W.`s like to call it have numerous accounts about the Kingdom of god and identifies no one else as King except Jesus , the name Jehovah is never mentioned in the N.T. and the Tetragrammaton JHVH /YHWH does not appear in the Greek text that the Jehovah`s Witnesses base their NWT on .

    See the N.W.T. the Kingdom Interlinear Of The christian Greek Scriptures published by the WTB&TS a word for word translation of the Greek into English .

    Nowhere does the Tetragrammaton appear nor does a Greek equivalent of those four letters appear in the Greek text .

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