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  • carla

    Can someone please explain the annual meeting to me? It takes place tomorrow from what I gather. Does this mean they still do fs in the morning? then the annual meeting/video? or will it take the place of Sun meeting? or in addition to Sun meeting?

    The short of it is, how much of my jw's time will they take up this weekend?

    Please explain, thanks in advance.

  • sir82

    It's 3 hours long.

    It will consist of lots of bloviating, bragging, and self-praise for constructing their Warwick complex.

    It will have a half-hour Watchtower summary.

    Some congregations will see it live on Saturday morning, beginning a 10:00 AM Eastern time.

    Other congregations will see a taped version of it on Sunday.

    It will replace this weekend's standard [public talk / Watchtower study].

    For those who see it on Sunday, they will probably be expected to be out in field serve-us on Saturday as usual.

    For those who see it on Saturday, they will probably be "encouraged" to go out in field serve-us on Sunday instead.

    It will be boring beyond description.

    That is all.

  • carla


    "It will be boring beyond description."- ha, same old, same old then.

  • Lynnie

    And some people who are "witness royalty" like my cousin will be traveling to Warwick to attend. His oldest daughter and son in law have been there for 7 years and are quite high up in the org. I'm sure there will be pictures of them with the GB and they will probably even get to stay in the compound. As usual it depends on who you are in JW land.

  • KiddingMe

    Sir82 is correct. Ours is Sunday. Field service is still expected on Saturday and any that normally meet up at the hall for service on Sat. will be meeting with other groups since the hall is being used for another congregation to view the annual meeting.

  • Bobcat

    If I understand correctly, the "annual meeting" is something corporations do to keep shareholders up to date on how the 'business' is doing. It might even be government mandated. See here and here.

    In the case of the WT, they have always held these. Its just that the R&F would always find out about what happened afterwards. But with KHs having video equipment now, the WT invites the R&F to watch (and donate).

  • SadElder

    Don't forget to put your money in any box, as those days money in every contribution box will be collected for the benefit of Crooklyn. So says the dub kings.

  • sir82

    If I understand correctly, the "annual meeting" is something corporations do to keep shareholders up to date on how the 'business' is doing.

    Yeah, there is a "business meeting" that the public is never invited to, wherein the directors or board members or whatever of the various WT corporations do their [whatever] behind closed doors.

    Traditionally, the WTS has always had a "business" annual meeting and a "general" annual meeting on or around the same few days in early October. I think, if memory serves, they typically had the "business" meeting on a Saturday morning and then the "general" meeting on that same Saturday afternoon.

    The general meeting, in years past, was where they floated their "new light" trial balloons. It used to be attended by a few thousand of the ultra-elite, and of course (pre-internet) never recorded.

    You knew you had "made it" in WT-world if you ever got a ticket to the Annual General Meeting.

    Now it has evolved (ha!) into a dog-n-pony show for the GB and their sycophantic ass-kissers helpers to stoke their egos by parading about in front of the cameras and bloviating about whatever pseudo-thought makes the arduous journey from their addled minds to their mouths.

  • sparrowdown

    It's just an extra special special meeting to make all JWs feel special for being invited but in reality it's nothing special.

  • Bobcat

    Thanks sir82 for the extra insight.

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