When GB Members Travel...Do They Stay With Members?

by Cold Steel 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Or do they stay at hotels?

    Do most JWs know who's on the Governing Body? If one just showed up at church would he be immediately recognized?

    Are all members of the GB anointed (of the John class)? And when there's a vacancy, how do they fill the position? Are names submitted to them or do they choose people known to them? Also, what is the extent of their authority? Can a GB member override the decision of local leaders, or is each Kingdom Hall independent?

    Finally, if one of these members had come to your KH one weekend (now if you're active or when you were active), would you have put them up for one or two nights? Do you know anyone who's done this?

  • Chook

    Since broadcasting most JW at least know the faces (especially bro Lett). If one turned up at regular KH ,you would see JWs do an action similar to the Jews with the golden calf. All members CLAIM to be annointed. If you believe the GB they will imply that they are chosen by God, Holy Spirit ,but in reality it's all about connections no different from mafia,it's all about who you know. GB do override all decisions that they disagree with. Lastly they only stay where THEY want to stay eg good old friends,Marriott ,Hilton,6 star hotel for our boys.

  • Quarterback

    You will recognized them by their fruits.

  • millie210

    As to how they fill a vacancy....

    The self ahem, "GOD" appointed existing members pick him!

    Seeing a pattern here? Yikes!

    Their flagrant nepotism make the "smoke and chimney" group look downright legitimate.

  • Listener

    Explain the difference between the Governing Body and the various legal corporations. [H-14; w01 4/15 29, fourth question] [1]
    While directors of a legal corporation are voted into office by its members, the Governing Body is ffi
    not appointed by any man but is appointed by Jesus Christ.

    This is an official statement made by them. This is an example of their receipt. They explain how individual directors are appointed but only explain how the Governing Body Class is appointed, they fail to explain how the individual Governing Body members are selected.

    GB members also stay at Bethel Branches. They have been buying up smaller luxury residences and state they are language translation centres and it is possible that they stay there as well.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    So you mean to say they stay in hotels, never with members? Didn't Jesus stay with friends and strangers? Look how he changed the lives of those he was with. And the GB members would have enormous opportunities to minister to the people. Not only by example, but to learn of their needs. Aren't we supposed to serve? In fact, aren't the greatest among us supposed to be the servants of all? And aren't they supposed to feed those in the household of God? The faithful and discreet servant...er...slave?

    Where does it say Jesus ever stayed at the Jerusalem Marriott? (It's not in my Bible.)

    These guys need to get with the program. But maybe Jesus being only an archangel, he's working under a different schedule. Think of the people these guys have the potential of inspiring or influencing -- people who put them in the same boat as the apostles themselves! The stories these people could pass down to their kids and grandkids! Anthony Morris III stayed with us one weekend! How cool would that be? But no, they're at the local Hilton writing snide comments in the Gideon Bibles!

    Okay, I'm kidding, but you see where I'm going with this, right?

  • Landy

    I'm pretty sure they won't turn right when they walk on to a plane either.

  • smiddy

    First class no doubt , only the best for Gods representatives here on earth , why would you think otherwise.? !

  • Thisismein1972

    The whole "slave class" is total bullshit. This is another perception that we once believed in, and active JW's still believe. In fact, as is the case with just about every teaching of the watchtower. It is in fact the opposite. The lower you are in the ranks, the more you are a slave. Although we were led to believe that the higher you are in the org, the more you are a slave.

    You will never see a member of the GB in coach class on a plane, nor will you ever see any of them "bunking" at a JW's dwellings.

    Although, I think the CO still bunks at a JW's dwelling. However, in order to have the "privilege" of this, one has to be of a high spiritual standing. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that proves this organisation are footstep followers of Jesus's.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Wasn't there a post on here recently of a fading dub who is a flight attendant and had a GB member onboard for their flight and it was indeed Business Class...

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