The Holy Spirit made a mistake in selling off KHalls ?

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  • Splash

    A couple of years ago the WT began their program of selling off dedicated Kingdom Halls and consolidating congregations into fewer halls.

    Had they kept these halls, more sparsely occupied as they were, they could by now be bringing everyone back while respecting the distancing laws.

    JW’s love to find reasons how Jehovah foresaw something and guided them, but it never works the other way when they make a decision that later on turns out to have been a bad idea.

  • alanv

    They have realized that different congregations can share the same hall. That allows them to sell off many Kingdom Halls to increase the Watchtower bank balance. Then if and when a Hall becomes too full, they start afresh in building a new Kingdom Hall with free JW labour. A real lucrative racket. Also around 10,000 witnesses worldwide have died so far from covid. They are desperate to keep those figures down, as it reflects badly on the org. So they keep the JWs at home as much as they can.

  • mickbobcat

    This would only work if they started to grow. But as we keep seeing them lose people they will not need the halls. but this gives them only a temporary infusion of cash as did the sale of Brooklyn. The decline of the cult will be slow. There may be spurts of fast decline here and there but my guess is it will be a slow decline. Just like we see the libtards causing a slow decline of America.

  • hoser

    3rd generation businesses fail at a rate of 90%. This is where the jws are at now. Most companies gave up on unprofitable door to door sales in the 1970’s but the jws continued until 2020. Businesses that rely on a bricks and mortar presence are also on the way out. The watchtower is so big and has such an ineffective bureaucracy that they can’t react fast enough to market signals. One of our elders is an HVAC tech and had to get permission from a committee to fix the broken furnace in the Kingdom Hall.





    They along with the watchtower failed to adapt quickly enough to changing times

  • Overrated

    Since Watchtower is a business religion I see it turning into A tv / on line organization. Zooming will be the norm. The preaching will be optional. They will always be looking for new sucker$ just not by door to door anymore. They will still have convention$ for that is one of they money makers, it will happen after covid will slow to nil. They will like now will measure spiritual growth by how much you donate to Jw.Org.

  • Diogenesister

    Splash That's a really good point! May well be worth raising with believing relatives.

    Hoser interesting comparison, those stats from the business world. We know if nothing else watchtower is first and foremost a business.

    If they were smart they'd pay attention to business research....except of course they think they haven't reached the 3rd gen yet! They're still part of the second generation, overlapping the first!!

  • asp59

    I think from the moment they stopped selling the watchtower magazines, they been having money problems. Most JWs don't have high paying jobs to donate much. Don't think the JWs that are rich are that crazy about donating money either.

  • Overrated

    Asp59- When I was in the trooth (growing up) the stink of going to college was something my parents enforced. As a young Jw man in the truth, struggling to pay for things and make plans. It was screw Watchtower on their damn donations. From the time I got baptized and woke up, I never gave Watchtower any money, but plenty of metal washers in their contribution boxes. Even some fake money.

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