WT September 2016: Tight Pants (Does your style of dress Glorify God?

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  • Splash

    You missed the most important paragraphs in that article - paragraphs 17 and 18!!


    When I wear tight pants, yes. I have the ass of a Greek God.

    DD 😍

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    Yup, Splash! I caught that too. Times are changing in WT land.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Pretty much agree with the comments here.

    Just to say that I'm British, and pants mean underwear to me, not trousers or slacks.

    So from my perspective, when the WT discourages women from wearing pants, I think I agree.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    " If they could legally put someone to death I'm sure they'd vomit up an article describing how it was done in the Old Testament and how it should be applied now."

    I never was a JW.

    I'm sure I recall a WT article quoted here on JWN which said something about not being able to stone apostates to death nowadays (with the implication that they'd like to ...)

  • sparky1

    Barbeque (very well done) - Bohm

    I almost pissed myself laughing so hard!

  • sparky1

    What a [email protected] joke all of this is! When I was a young Bethelite arriving in 1974, I was as conservative as they come. I wore pleated pants and khakis instead of jeans. All of my suits were conservative and loose fitting. I was chided by other Bethelites for being too conservative. One who is now a Circuit Overseer used to torment me over and over again about my shoes. One pair had a strap with a buckle. He constantly told me that I looked like a 'Pilgrim' and why didn't I dress more 'hip'. When I got my glasses at Bethel, I chose rimless glasses like 'Papa Knorr'. The brother that sold the glasses to the society tried over and over to get me to change my mind. He told me, 'Brother Sparky, those glasses make you look like a nun. Don't you want something more stylish?'. So I gave in and bought a suit and shoes similar to the ones pictured. My pants were TIGHT as can be and I wore 'Beatle Boots' for shoes and was praised for being so stylish. At the time I was also a Ministerial Servant and no one counseled me on my improper dress. (My pants were tight and I had massive flares at the bottom. It was the style at the time.) Governing Body (tm) take your rules and put them where the sun does not shine. After I left Bethel I went back to being a conservative dresser.

  • WTWizard

    I suppose they would rather go back into the period around 1995 when people wore sagging pants. Try going in field circus with your pants halfway down. At least no one will accuse you of wearing tight pants.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    ...our brothers and sisters appreciate it when we refrain from wearing clothes that are so tight or so loose that they are revealing. We should take seriously our responsibility to avoid clothes that may offend others.

    I completely agree with this statement when the "we" is correctly used as referring to the writers of the article and the GB. All JWs and us "apostates" (perhaps with few exceptions) appreciate when the GB and their Hamburger Helpers "refrain from wearing clothes that are so tight or so loose that they are revealing" on JW broadcasts.

    In fact, the picture would look even better if these guys were also wearing heavy coats and burqa hoods.

    Since attractive, fit JWs are not the authors of the article, and thus not really the "we" in the above statement, wouldn't it glorify god to let his creative wonders be on full display?

  • smiddy

    Are these guys for real ? We used to joke about the dress styles brothers and sisters wore , and this was 30 years ago , identifying roughly when they came into the " truth" more often than not we were right.

    Have a look at young ones in the Borg today , most of them , whether they be male or female they reflect the fashion trends that are current in society today.

    Whether it be dress or hairstyles , they mimic the " Worldly " standards of the day.


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