Yesterday, Colorado JW, Ralph Candelario, found guilty (of murdering his JW wife) on all counts & tampering w/evidence

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Ralph Candelario is a JW. He murdered his JW wife (his second wife) around January 2014 in Walsenburg, Colorado. His first wife disappeared and has never been found but the jury was not permitted to know this.

    Prosecutor called in Canadian Professor and former JW, Jim Penton (author of Apocalypse Delayed), to testify as an expert witness. He answered questions about the JW culture. Judge and jury paid rapt attention to his answers as he clarified JW disfellowshipping policies, etc.

    Dateline covered the trial which ended yesterday.


    Posted: Thursday, March 10, 2016 11:24 pm

    Candelario found guilty of murder on all counts Steve Block The Chronicle-News

    Ralph Candelario was found guilty of First Degree Murder and Tampering with Evidence Thursday afternoon at the Las Animas County Courthouse. Candelario, showed no visible signs of emotion as Third Judicial District Chief Judge Claude A. Appel read the unanimous verdict.

    Candelario was found guilty in the bludgeoning death of his wife, Pamela Candelario, at their Walsenburg home on the night of Jan. 15-16, 2014. His sentencing hearing will be held at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15, at the Huerfano County Courthouse in Walsenburg.

    Chief Judge Appel polled each individual member of the jury after the verdict was announced, and asked them if they had voted Candelario guilty, and each of them said they had voted guilty. Judge Appel thanked the jury members and met with them after the verdict was announced, giving each of them a certificate of appreciation for their service and a small gift. In his instructions to the jurors after the verdict was announced, Judge Appel told them they could speak to anyone they wanted about what had happened during the trial, but told them that if they faced any criticism, they should immediately report it to him. He also thanked all of the prosecution and defense attorneys for their thoroughness and professionalism throughout the course of the nearly two-week trial.

    “I just want to say publicly to the attorneys present that I want to thank you for your professionalism and thoroughness in this case,” Judge Appel said. “All of you did great jobs, and it’s been a pleasure sharing this courtroom with all of you.”

    Afterwards, Prosecuting Attorney Ryan Brackley of the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, was asked about Judge Appel’s compliments. Attorney Brackley said he was pleased to hear what the judge had to say.

    “It felt great. We found the defense to be excellent trial attorneys,” Brackley said. “They did a great job, and Mr. Candelario deserved the best defense that could be afforded to him and they certainly gave him that.”

    Candelario published a lengthy letter in an area newspaper, claiming he was innocent of the crime. Brackley was asked if he felt that letter had helped or hurt his defense on the murder charge.

    “It never helps anyone when they lie,” he said.

    He was asked what he thought of the spacious courtroom in Trinidad, and he said it was the most beautiful he had ever seen.

    “In a long legal career that’s taken me all over the country, this courtroom is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It was a fantastic setting for a trial,” he said.

    Asked if he felt justice had been served in the Candelario murder trial, he had this to say.

    “Justice is always served every time a jury comes down with a verdict.”


    DAY-UMM!!! His defense team should have hired Monica Applewhite!! LOL!!!!

    Also, it's AWESOME that Mr. Penton was involved! That is EXACTLY what needs to be done in every case against a JW or the WTBTS!! Someone tell the ARC about Mr. Penton! He's the Anti-Applewhite!!


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    It is very interesting that the Prosecutor called in a person (exJW) to testify about JW culture, and procedures regarding disfellowshipping...... Was this man DF'd before?

    It says the jury 'paid rapt attention to his answers'! Just as the iron curtain of Russia eventually crumbled, maybe the world will be able to see behind the curtain of JW.BORG!

  • AndersonsInfo

    Evidence that Ralph Candelario is a JW:

    4. During the investigation, Ralph Candelario was questioned by the Pueblo Police Department, and passed a polygraph test indicating that he had nothing to do with Dena Candelario’s disappearance. It was discovered that Dena Candelario had been corresponding with numerous men online, including some with lengthy criminal histories, and there were indications that Dena Candelario had gone to visit one of these men and never returned. She has never been found. Mr. Candelario was never charged with anything involving Dena Candelario. The Pueblo Police Department’s investigation is attached as Exhibit A.
    5. After her disappearance, Ralph Candelario sought a legal divorce from Dena Candelario. During this time, he began a relationship with Dana Franklin that continued for several years. Near the end of their relationship, Ralph Candelario was also seeing Pamela Candelario (nee Palmer); Ralph ultimately left Dana Franklin for Pamela Candelario and married her.
    6. Dana Franklin was extremely angry when Ralph Candelario left her for Pamela, and reported the fact of Ralph’s simultaneous relationship with two women (her and Pamela Candelario) to the church elders. Notably, she also slashed all of his tires.
    7. Ralph was sanctioned for the cheating; however Pamela Candelario, also a Jehovah’s Witness, stood by him until they were able to work their way back into the church’s good graces. Ralph and Pamela Candelario were legally married. Eventually the church also recognized their marriage.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Remember this quote? We were told this over and over, right? Do JW's reallllly have a spiritual paradise?

    *** w70 4/15 p. 248 Questions That People Ask About Jehovah’s Witnesses ***

    What are Jehovah’s Witnesses doing to improve conditions in the community?

    Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s leading presidents and statesmen, once said that the Bible makes “better citizens, better fathers, better husbands. . . . The Bible makes the best people in the world.”
    This in substance is what Jehovah’s witnesses are doing
    by means of their Bible educational work.

    They are making better fathers, better mothers, better children, in fact, the best people in the world.

    Therefore the very nature of their work is a blessing to any community.At a time when the world is divided nationally, racially, economically and religiously, and is at war with itself, Jehovah’s witnesses teach law and order and respect for government. What could be more helpful to a community than that? Jehovah’s witnesses are teaching people not to steal or lie or murder, but to be honest, hardworking, just and integrity-keeping. As a result, the lives of many persons have been improved.

  • redpilltwice

    Thansk for keeping us informed Barbara, such barbaric behaviour needs to be exposed!

    cha ching, you wrote: Was this man DF'd before?

    Yes he was...for starting a sect! After a CO and a few elders voted to have him removed as an elder, three cogeregations in Lethbridge became split! He and a few others began to meet in his home for prayer and study, and soon 83 persons left the KH and joined him!!!

    Read all about his personal experience here:

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    thx redpilltwice..... I loved the story of James Penton, a person who stood up for "higher morals" over "Pharasaic rules"....

    In regards to the 'DFing', I was wondering about Ralph Candelario, as the expert called in (James Penton) was asked about JW policies, and after reading the links Barbara provided, I see that Ralph did have previous wives, and the JW attitude about divorce would not allow him to remarry / be free for marriage, unless his spouse died or commited adultery.

    Ralph's lawyer tried to argue that since Ralph had remarried before (even though he could not prove his wife had died, only disappeared) and had 'regained' his 'approved' status in the congregation (DF'd/ reinstated) killing his wife, Pamela, to remarry was no motive... BECAUSE, if he did get DF'd..... he could get 'reinstated'.... just like last time.

    The intertwinings of a JW mind can be very complicated, and really, only a person who has been one (James Penton) can really explain the way the WT puts pressure on people in deep and insidious ways .

  • Vidiot

    As more and more decent folks are increasingly alienated by the current "state of the (WT) union" and feel compelled to leave, who else is gonna be left (but people like this guy)?

    Expect to see more stories like this in the coming years.

  • JWdaughter

    10 years ago his mom was arrested for putting her grandson in a dog kennel every night for 3 years. That's where he came from. She thought it was the only alternative to the boy running the streets while was at work.

  • johnamos

    This story is on DATELINE right now. (NBC 4-6-19)

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