Assemblies are even more expensive now thanks to LDC

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  • Naoscillator

    The growing monster in the organization known as LDC is coming for your ice cream money, your children's ice cream money, and your children's children's ice cream money. They also need the free skilled labor of all your future generations.

    You know the outlandish figure read out mid-afternoon at the CA? That represents a $10.00 per publisher charge for the privilege of using the assembly hall. I have it on good authority that before LDC took over, the rate was figured at $4.50 per publisher. That extra $5.50 on top now goes directly to LDC so they can.... build one KH per state per year, maybe?

    So thus far, congregations, KH operating committees, circuits, and assembly halls have had to give up their surplus funds to "worldwide work". Congregations are stuck with a never ending mortgage on their kingdom hall under the guise of an equalizing. Possibly the biggest money-sucker is LDC through assemblies. The publishers, of course, are not told about this because they do know that building has ground to halt. They are being fleeced as though the great building program spoken of nearly two years ago was actually underway.

    There have been some interesting ideas in other threads about what the org is up to with LDC.

    Funny bit of overheard conversation from a former RBC volunteer to current LDC henchmen: "You know, RBC could have built ten halls in as much time as you guys have taken to build two."

  • OnTheWayOut

    I have to say, it's like saying that elections are corrupt thanks to computers.
    NO. It's the governments and politicians and party organizers that use the computers to corrupt elections.

    LDC is created by the Watchtower organization and is directed to be slower in building than RBC was.

    Money is being put into Watchtower, no matter what pocket they tell the members it goes into.

  • oppostate

    A couple, husband and wife, friends of ours for many years, used every free time and penny they had for years and years to help in RBC projects, they called it their "vacation"--even driving down on his business/work truck from New England to help rebuild KH's after Katrina.

    Well, this year, no RBC, so they're getting a real vacation for a month, and they've rented a beach front chalet, are enjoying themselves, visiting sights, and sent us an email with happy smiley faces. Good for them I say, and damn the LDC and their crooked filthy-lucre loving ways.

  • Crazyguy
    I think the LDC is more about selling KHs then biulding them.
  • Naoscillator

    OTWO: obviously the WTBS, the parent corporation, is corrupt. But the way LDC acts in particular has a number of long-time die-hard JWs crying foul. Even from their perspective the personality of this department is callous, arrogant, and knows no personal boundaries.

    Crazyguy: I agree 100%. Thanks for distilling the truth of it down to a few words.

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