jw family loves to ask df'd ones for money!

by Ghiagirl 56 Replies latest jw experiences

  • ToesUp

    They have no shame.

    Sorry you are getting treated like this.

    I wouldn't give them a dime. If they treat you like this they don't deserve your respect. Like someone just said, let their JW family help them out.

  • hoser

    Don't his parents have jobs?

    It is usually the children asking for money not the parents.

  • sparrowdown

    If you hand over your hard earned cash to these entitled narcissists they will give Jehovah the credit for it and go back to shunning you and if you don't they will say you've become very "worldly" and go on shunning you.

  • zeb

    All good advice. Time for tough love. I suggest tell them "What, cant the elders help you out". or "Actually we are a bit short with our baby now"..."The one you haven't made any effort to see yet".

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    By allowing yourself to be manipulated into giving in and rewarding poor behaviours you are enabling them.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    How about "Sure we'll help you. Lets go do a grocery together. You need cloths? Lets go shop together."

    If they accept, by spending time with you, they will realize that you are not, in fact, the monster described by WT literature. If they do not accept saying that they can't do things with you as you are disfellowshiped, then, say:

    "Here I am, with my heart on my hands, willing to help you, and now, not only are you refusing my help, but you are breaking my heart. How am I supposed to feel when you ask me to make sacrifices for you when I am not even worthy of your presence?".

    If they say: You can come to our house, but we can't spend time in public. Answer: "If the opinion of other's count for that much, will they feed you? Then, what right do they have to judge you?"

    Do not simply give them money without requiring their time and presence, otherwise, all the comments above are valid. They could very well say: "That was the least this sinner could do after everything she has done to us".

  • freemindfade
    Sorry about all that stress. That's is really ugly and shallow of them. Tell them you heard prayer works, try that. I wouldn't give them a dime.
  • Willie647
    If you help them with money,they won't thank you, they just will say Jehovah got them money. It all plays into the hands of the cult. Be strong and know the pain fades over time. It's been over 30 years for me and the pain is never really gone but it does fade. Stay strong.
  • Sabin
    I agree with every one else here, how dare they. You have a son that they haven't even seen, shame on them. Tell them to go f...k themselves, change your number & shun them. The Bastards.
  • WingCommander

    You are opening yourself up for more hurt if you give them $$$. The audacity! I would tell them to go ask for a loan from their "spiritual family", because after all, "Jehovah provides." I'm sure their loving Elders will gladly help them out!! Really, tell them to "go forth, be warm, and well fed."

    My philosophy in life: I reciprocate what I receive.

    Those shunning clowns wouldn't get one single nickel out of me. They'll take your money with no so much as a "thank you", then claim to their friends that it was Jehovah that provided for them. Then, they'll conveniently forget to pay you back, then shun you when you ask for it repaid.

    I swear, if you loan them that money, you'll really get a taste of their "Christian Love". Don't do it! Like Nancy Reagan used to say, "Just say NO."

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