Has Anyone Gotten Disfellowshipped Here and For What??

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  • minimus

    Sex issues seem to be the number one reason but apostasy is right up there too. Even if you weren’t disfellowshipped , do you know why some people you know were disfellowshipped??

  • slimboyfat

    Not me, but I know one person for smoking, another for drinking too much, one for attending another religious service (a Christening), and one for practising Feng Shui, whatever that involves!

    In general it’s probably 90% sexual immorality, 5% apostasy, and 5% others. But apostasy may be climbing in recent years.

    Overall I think there are fewer people DFed these days, probably for a variety of reasons. First of all because people are less inclined to confess sins unprompted (because belief in the whole institution and belief system in general is probably less strong) plus I get the sense that elders in general are less inclined to pursue and expel people than they once were. Again I interpret this as a sign that JW elders don’t believe as strongly in the religion as they used to, so they don’t have the stomach for going after people as zealously as they once did.

  • minimus

    Do elders go after people like they did before? Years ago elders it would be looking for things.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Do elders go after people like they did before? Years ago elders it would be looking for things.

    I think only real zealots typically "go after" typical JW's in an effort to "keep the Cong clean". Although if one of the Elders or the BOE has if out FOR YOU they may go after YOU. And, if you're stirring up shit vs quietly leaving or "fading", they may go after you in an effort to control what you are saying to JW's still "in".

  • minimus

    When I was an elder they used to always push the idea of keep the congregation clean and to look out for anything that could even be suspicious. They used to have talks given asking people if they had any secret sins. Ohhh the good old days.

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    I worked at one of the branches in Africa and witchcraft was the number one reason with sex in the number two position.

  • JoenB75

    Sigfrid, the African race is deep into witchcraft..you cant tell them the stuff aint real

  • minimus

    Back in the 1970s we had some elders that were disfellowshipping people for “loose conduct” which was viewed as all acts that reflected a “brazen attitude “. So if you questioned or disagreed with an elder, they would bring you in the “ back room” and in a few minutes if you sassed the elders, you were disfellowshipped for either loose conduct or apostasy.

    Eventually that congregation was dissolved.

  • Clarkey

    One that comes to mind was a married elder who was caught screwing young 20 year old girls on his business trips.

    Another was a married woman of an elder who was caught screwing her boy teen piano students.

    and another was a married guy who was caught screwing another guy at his work place.

    JWs sure are horny people.

  • minimus

    Oops 2 guys screwing. Bad lol

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