Dutch (ex) JWs: Online survey sexual abuse within JW Netherlands by Utrecht University

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  • jochie
    SInce today Dutch (ex)JWs are asked to fill out an online survey by Utrecht University with regard to (child) sexual abuse.As chairman of Reclaimed Voices I call on all Dutch speaking (ex) JWs to fill out this survey in case you were a victim of abuse OR in case you know of someone else that was abused within the Jehovah's WitnessesWith your participation you contribute to an important investigation that is carried out.

    link to the survey: https://usbo.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4HkMbQjHlM0uhMh
  • smiddy3

    Following a motion that was adopted in the House of Representatives on 3 July 2018, as researchers at Utrecht University we conduct an independent investigation into experiences with sexual abuse within the Dutch Jehovah's Witness community. We investigate the way in which people who report within the community are treated. Among other things, we examine whether the closedness in the community of Jehovah's Witnesses contributes to whether or not to report experiences with sexual abuse.

    Thanks for supplying that link jochie and i hope many will take advantage of this secure online survey that will protect the identity of those who participate and protect there privacy.

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