How can Jesus be the head of the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    It actually goes beyond that.

    Can any man-made church be the church of Jesus Christ? As far as I know, no one in the WTBTS ever had any vision or commandment of God to establish it, nor do any of them claim revelation from God. So how would any of its Governing Body ever know whether they were teaching the truth or if they had the authority to act in God's name? You have the soul sleeping doctrine, the blood transfusion doctrine, the bizarre Armageddon exegesis, just to name a few. Then you look at the Church Jesus built. Apostles, prophets, priests, elders, bishops, deacons, teachers, seventy and so forth. Does the WTS have these? Finally, who ordained JW elders, overseers, the GB members? Where did they receive the direction and the ability to baptize or judge the people under their charge? To go door-to-door and tell people that they have the power and the keys to bind in Heaven and Earth takes a great deal of presumption in my view. Or to teach the gospel without being sent. Or to call other churches man-made?

    I've got to hand it to them. It takes guts to appoint one's self to assume (and I do mean assume) the authority to represent God when you haven't heard even a peep from Him. At that day when we all stand before God to be judged, I'm not sure I'd know how to answer Him when asked by what authority I assumed to act in His name or dared to represent Him to others, break up families in His name and to stand as judges in Israel. But I'd try to get my story straight before then.


    Ironically, the bible speaks of the witnessing of Jesus, not Jehovah.

    Also, isn't Jesus the name above every other name?

    We should become Jesus's witnessess

  • nowwhat?
    Jesus is head of the Christian congregation. So how could he head of the watchtower organization at the same time?
  • nicolaou
    At that day when we all stand before God to be judged, I'm not sure I'd know how to answer Him . . .

    Frankly Cold Steel if that ever happened it would be god who should feel ashamed. He'd be the one with all the awkward questions to answer.

  • nicolaou
    Jesus is head of the Christian congregation. So how could he head of the watchtower organization at the same time?

    I don't understand your question nowwhat? The Watchtower is a Christian organisation so why couldn't Jesus be the head of it?


    Nicolaou,could you provide an example of Jesus heading the WTS please?

    Frankly, I don't see it.

  • carla

    How can Jesus be the head of jw's when they are not even allowed to talk (pray) to Him?

    What is the point of Jesus when jw's believe THEIR death acquits them of sin? (assuming a jw will admit they are a sinner, my jw says jw's are not intentional sinners) They have no need for a Savior. We have all seen quotes from wt's that state you MUST belong to the borg for ANY hope of salvation, no guarantee, just a hope to survive their version of the big A.

    I don't know many people who think of jw's as "Christian", most people think of Christians as one who believes Christ came, died upon the cross and was resurrected (body and all). By His work upon the cross we are saved, not by our own works or our death.

    jw's don't even know who/what Jesus is. First He was Michael then a man then an angel again? if that is the case then Jesus doesn't even exist as Jesus anymore. They have no need for Him. Unless there is a new wt memo I didn't see re: Jesus, which is entirely possible. oh wait, He turns back into Jesus at the big A? agh, I am getting mixed up on my wt transformations of Jesus/Michael.

    With the upcoming wt memorial they will again give their yearly lip service to Jesus. The difference between Christians and jw's is that jw's celebrate His death, Christians celebrate His resurrection and His victory over death.

    (obviously my opinion will not resonate with unbelievers (or jw's) so if you don't think Jesus existed it will not make sense to debate the topic anyway)

    All in all jw's have no need for Jesus. They have their works, the gb, and their own death. They really have no need whatsoever for Jesus and it shows in their literature. It also shows when they snigger and make snide comments when some Christians sing or talk about their love for Jesus. They find it disgusting from my experience and from comments here and elsewhere. Imagine that, rude comments about their so called "king" or other people's love for Jesus.

  • nicolaou

    TTWSYF I didn't say Jesus was heading the organisation only that I could see no reason why he might not be if you're given to believe all that supernatural nonsense.

    The Watchtower is as Christian as any other denomination of Christendom.

  • nicolaou

    Carla, you criticise the JW's claim to be called Christian just as they criticise yours. You cite scripture to uphold your claim just as they cite scripture to uphold theirs. You'll decry their deviation from the true faith just as they'll decry yours.

    You are both cut from the same cloth. You are both Christian.

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