Can you get disfellowship for kissing a person of the same sex?

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  • pistolpete

    I found this on exjwreddit. A pimo elder is in the middle of an event where a former CO allegedly kissed a brother from another hall.

    The CO denied it so the other elders are frustrated because they can't have a judicial meeting.

    If true, can he be disfellowshipped?

    I think the best thing for anybody still in the organization to avoid headaches and trouble is don't associate with the members. Better yet, get out completely. Your life will be better.

  • slimboyfat

    I’d imagine, probably, yes.

    If they’ve got witnesses, why do they need the former CO to confess?

    Or is it the other brother who confessed to a kiss that happened in private?

    It might turn out that the brother who confessed gets disfellowshipped, and the former CO who denies it gets away with it.

    A scenario that applies a ‘quantum’ approach to sin events as both occurring and not occurring at the same time.

  • Expanded-Mind

    If an opposite-sex couple kiss, both are JWs, truly single, and it was consensual, even if they weren't officially dating, I don't believe any action would take place, although they would probably be warned that kissing might lead to more. However, if one was a JW and the other a non-JW, although it's not likely the JW would get disfellowshipped (although I suppose anything is possible), the JW would likely be reprimanded. No dating (including no kissing) outside of the faith and only in a serious dating relationship leading to marriage.

    With the same-sex couple who only kiss, are both JWs, truly single, and it was consensual, and the elder body heard about it, there's no doubt that there would be a witch hunt with an attempt to bring them before a judicial committee. I think they might at minimum be privately reproved, but if one or both appeared to be unrepentant - even over only a kiss - certainly the elders could find a way to disfellowship one or both of them.

    Perhaps those who have more recently been elders can give their perspective.

  • mickbobcat

    BS on nothing happening, Unless this cult has taken a complete 180 since I left. You get caught kissing as in passionate kiss with the same sex as you, you are going to a back room with three elders.That is just the way at least it was. Even kissing between couples as in making out is not going to be suffered without at least a talking to.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I'd be curious to know from what culture the men were from. At least in the US, two hetero dudes kissing is.........well....... weird. But not sure that is the case in all cultures.

  • fulano

    What kind of kiss was it?

    I mean in many European countries, as in France, Spain etc it’s not unusual to greet another man with a kiss on the cheek.

  • BluesBrother

    I say no. Kissing is not an act of sexual immorality, not Pornea. I know you can be d/f’d for viewing extreme porn but this is different.

    in the Bible there are instances of same sex affectionate kisses.

    Certainly a man would be strongly counselled , removed from any responsibility but I can’t see grounds for d/f … until he is found to have gone further…….

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Don't forget the latest standard "blatant".

  • alanv

    If its a one off, he may be spoken to, but thats all. Depends how they kissed as well. In some countries its how another person is greeted. A kiss on the cheek is quite acceptable, whereas a full mouth to mouth kiss would be regarded as very different.

  • SaltaDoom

    Good to know. A Jehovah's Witness is disfellowship only because he/she does not repent of a wrong action. Therefore, you cannot assume that when someone commits a mistake he is automatically disfellowship. Such a person is helped to stop the wrong behavior in the first place.

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