RUSSIA: (6 April 2017) Day 2 - Jehovah's Witnesses hearing under way

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  • cobweb

    just my casual impression but the ministry of justice seem a bit under prepared.

  • Drearyweather


    Questions to the Ministry of Justice are asked by the lawyer Omelchenko. He asks if there is a department in the Ministry of Justice capable of answering when a particular book appeared on the Federal List of Extremist Materials. The Justice Ministry believes that the answer to this question can be obtained through a judicial request.


    Omelchenko asks about federal forensic centers under the Russian Ministry of Justice. He points out that these centers came to diametrically opposite conclusions about the presence or absence of signs of extremism. Question of Omelchenko: how could this be possible. The representative of the Ministry does not know. The next question is: why did the Ministry of Justice support only negative conclusions of experts and did not support positive ones? Unknown. Was the Ministry of Justice initiating a review of the decisions in cases when there was such a contradiction? Representative of such facts are unknown.


    Omelchenko recalls that earlier today the court asked the Ministry of Justice whether the ministry initiated a review of the list of extremist materials after the amendments were made to the law, for example, that the Bible and quotations from it can not be recognized as extremist materials. There were no such initiatives on the part of the Ministry of Justice.


    Questions to the representative of the Ministry of Justice are given by the representative of the defendant Maxim Novakov. He is trying to find out if the Ministry of Justice knows the circumstances of those events that are attributed to Jehovah's Witnesses as "extremist activity". For example, do they know why for the searches of Jehovah's Witnesses the special services were de-energizing whole blocks in which the liturgical buildings are located. The Ministry of Justice does not know the facts. There are no other questions on the part of the defendant to the Ministry of Justice.


    The court announces a break in the court session until April 7, 2017 10:00. The entrance to the building will be open from 9:00

  • Gorbatchov

    If it's fair, I doubt it, but one thing is true: Russia graps the Society by the balls! 😎

    They attack them by their weak point: the organization!!


  • Gorbatchov

    Why they did not send Gertit Losch to tell that he is not under the direction of the society?? 😂😂

  • biblexaminer

    Two different opinions emerge. Gasp. How could that be????

    ...because WT has two faces

  • OrphanCrow

    I noticed this exchange:

    Dreary:....The judge asks the representative of the Ministry of Justice a counter question: why does the Ministry of Justice ask both to liquidate the legal entity and to prohibit their activities. The judge is perplexed: how can you ban what does not exist. He clarifies whether the Ministry of Justice also demands that all unregistered groups be banned. The representative of the Ministry of Justice explains that he does not ask them to be banned, because Jehovah's Witnesses did not provide the department with information about unregistered groups.

    Unregistered groups.

    Would that be referring to those groups of JWs who refused to accept the WTS as authoritative because they had changed their doctrines so much during the banned years?

    Groups like the Theocracy Publishers in the Ukraine, for example?

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