The Burden of Being Right by Tim Minchen

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  • cofty
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Well said. And it's a difficult idea for people to get their heads around.

    The percentage of a population who believes a particular claim says nothing about the validity of that claim. The majority of people in antiquity used to believe that the Earth was flat - but that didn't mean the Earth was any less spherical back then. Only that Eratosthenes was one of very few people who was right (240 B.C).

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Yes, but what would "Storm" say?

    : )

  • done4good

    So true.


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I can understand " The Burden of Being Right" it's a bit like my insomnia I don't loose any sleep over it.

    Anyway their (there) is nothing wrong with being right, if you don't abuse the privalige. (Am I right or wrong?)

    The Rebel.

  • Simon

    There was an interesting article on the BBC site about how more intelligent people are often less happy than, erm ... well "dumb" people. It can be lonely.

  • alecholmesthedetective

    Richard Dawkins once said that a former very successful editor of New Scientist magazine was once asked what their philosophy was, and his reply was that 'our philosophy at New Scientist is this: science is interesting and if you don't agree you can **** off.'

  • Vidiot

    "Right Man's Burden"...

  • cofty

    "science is interesting and if you don't agree you can **** off."

    Priceless! If we has signatures in this forum that would be mine.

  • Heaven

    Coded Logic, that segment from Sagan's Cosmos series is one of my faves. Eratosthenes became one of my heroes from that.

    I have stated this before but I will state it again.... What I like about Science is this... if you don't believe what they tell you they don't threaten you with judgment and if found unworthy, torture and burn you for all eternity in a lake of fire.

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