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  • megabyte_vijay

    it is strange to read the last week watchtower that encouraging Child/Teenagers' baptism. Even Jesus was baptised as his 30. JWs encouraging marriages at an older age. but why they are encouraging children to get baptised. I nowhere read in the bible about child baptism.

    When we are not celebrating birthdays because nowhere any christian birthdays are recorded in the bible, why you are encouraging child baptism.

    When <18 years people are not eligible for Bathel, how can a child understand the serious relationship and most "IMPORTANT" decision in his/her life?

    **I am poor in English** I can type in Telugu

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    All they care about is the numbers!

    This is my biggest JW complaint!!


  • purrpurr
    I spotted that too. What happened to "we don't baptise children" ??
  • menrov

    There is absolutely nothing in the scriptures that supports child baptism. But JW's need numbers and control.

    The last WT article on this is actually very scary as it does not involve the role of the parents at all. A baptized child (yes, anyone legally not allowed to make its own legal decisions , ie. enter into a contract) becomes accountable to the organization, not to its parents A teenager who has sex will likely be punished and / or DF'ed and the parents have officially no say in this at all.

    Most scary.

  • alanv
    They used to be so proud that children among JWs dont get baptised, and that children have to be of a mature age to understand completely what they are doing. That certainly has changed in recent years.
  • babygirl30

    I remember being at an assembly where a young girl who was 9 got baptized...of course she had a part in the assembly about how it was HER decision, her dedication, she was SOOOO ready. And now, I smh cause I wonder what ever happened to that girl once her hormones kicked on. Lol!

    My biggest argument to my folks when I got df'd and the one thing my mother threw in my face was "you did not live up to your dedication"?! And my response was...

    "I got baptized at 14. I wasnt old enough to date, get married, have a ft job, drive a car, have a drink at a bar, or live on my own. BUT Im held to a dedication to a religion I made as at that same age? Back when all I knew was about reading books from black authors, computers, and having crushes on boys? Please!!!"

  • stuckinarut2

    Said it before, but here is a list (by no means comprehensive...feel free to add to it)

    Too young to leave school

    Too young to drive

    Too young to cross the street alone or go to the store

    Too young to get a proper job

    Too young to marry

    Too young to legally have sex

    Too young to have a medical procedure without parental approval

    Too young to legally get a tattoo

    Too young to fill a vehicle gas tank

    Too young to buy tobacco

    Too young to buy and consume alcohol

    Too young to open a credit card account

    Too young to vote


    So society and the law recognise that MINORS are just that; children who still are not wise enough or experienced enough to make major decisions that can affect their protections are put in place.

    But, the so called MOST IMPORTANT decision ever (to get baptised) is somehow different?

    Witness children don't want to disappoint their social group and family. They may believe it is the thing to do, but their experience in life is limited at that point. They gain approval, praise and respect for the step amongst their only social circle.

    It is simply amazing.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    They want children to be baptized to "lock" them in. The children want to get baptized to please their parents. All children want to make their parents proud of them. When they get older, perhaps late teens or later, and they realize that being a JW involves believing in "divine lies," they know they will loose all of their family if they are DF'd or DA'd. The Borg knows that if they keep losing the youth, they will be nothing in 20 years.

    Sour Grapes

  • Da.Furious

    Technically they did not encourage child baptism. The article was how to make sure you are ready to be baptized. There was some advice mentioned on how to make sure the child is ready.

    But what they failed to show is the examples they gave were not for children they were for youth. This group if for 15 -25 year old.

    Unfortunately for every single JW family with children this article was playing on driving the children to ask the questions and think they are ready.

    Although they mention it was a really important decision, one fact they forgot to mention if you take the decision to get baptized and later sin there is no way back. Like taking the red pill.

  • Lieu
    If you don't understand that baptism is a serious repentance for your sins, you're too young to be baptized. Baptizing babies is plain silly. Baptism is a conscientious choice. No babies or  children were baptized by John or the real Apostles.

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