Gum power chewers chewing powerfully at meetings

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  • TimeBandit

    Ever been at a meeting and had a power gum chewer in attendance? I mean, you can hear them smacking that gum from across the hall? I used to know someone like that. One time I saw her loading up. She took like six sticks of gum and crammed them in. The noise was distracting and it made me think that some people are not very self aware about certain things. They have no idea that they are an embarrassment to themselves and the whole congregation.

    The sister I mentioned was actually counseled about it by the elders. All during the local needs part about not chewing gum at the meetings she smacked away looking right at the speaker. I know the elder was talking about her and so did everyone else.

    I rolled my eyes and thought she was just some idiot who didn't even realize they were talking about what she was doing. But now, looking back, I see it as a blatant act of defiance. Now I'm starting to think that she was openly defying them in some small way. She's sort of a hero in a small way. She got away with it. She put one over on them. I think she figured out that they would never disfellowship her for chewing gum....Personally I hope it led to her leaving the JWs. Maybe it was the catalyst for more bravery on her part.

    No. It turns out she indeed was just some idiot who didn't even realize they were talking about her and what she was doing. How do I know that you might wonder. The sister I spoke of is my own mother....


  • Simon

    Also bad are the boiled-sweet unwrappers who eek it out. Instead of just unwrapping the thing and getting it over with, they try to do it quietly, so it ends up s-l-o-w and seems to last forever.

    We used to go to the sweet shop over the road at "half time" and buy meeting-sweets to get us through the Watchtower study. Cola-cubes were good, no crinkly wrappers to give you away.

  • TimeBandit

    Good one Simon. Actually I might have eeked a couple of wrappers myself. Usually the wrapper flappers only did it once and awhile. A power gum chewer seems to chew loudly more regularly and for longer periods of time. I guess it just depends on the gum chewers stamina and level of commitment.

    I'd hate to be bitten by a power gum chewer! I bet they got some strong chewing muscles...


  • stuckinarut2

    We were told it was disrespectful to eat anything during the meetings!

    So my siblings and I would fake a "cough" so we could at least have "cough drops" was something at least....

  • Angharad

    I remember doing speedy unwrappering at conventions during the clapping.

    I HATE listening to gum chewers, one of the sales people where I work chews gum and talks to you at the same I often want to punch him

  • Diogenesister

    Jeeze...gum chewing was amoung the long list of prohibitions that witness kids had to endure in my neck of the woods. It was associated with teenagers ( stuck in the 50s )....therefore " must be bad".... " your stomach thinks its getting food then doesn't".

    Wish those idiots were still around to find out its GOOD for you ( teeth).

  • SafeAtHome

    TimeBandit That is so funny! Did your mom let you chew gum during the meetings too?🍬

  • TimeBandit

    "TimeBandit That is so funny! Did your mom let you chew gum during the meetings too?"

    Actually her power chewing gradually escalated after I was grown up and had gotten married. I suppose she did let us have gum at meetings once and a while.

    I think the power chewing might be a subconscious way of dealing with her crappy JW life and her borderline personality.


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