Famous current and former Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • LongHairGal


    I had heard about Eisenhower (or his mom) from the person I studied with.

    I supposed this was to impress me and make the religion seem more ‘legitimate’ in my eyes.. I was too new at the time to have an opinion about anything. But, I now believe these old-timers may have belonged to a kinder more humane Jehovah’s Witness religion. That religion no longer exists. I truly doubt they would stick around nowadays with what it has turned into.👎

  • NotFormer

    "Why should we have unnecessary social contact with people who still pursue worldly ways and who have not become worshipers of Jehovah?"

    I don't know, maybe social contact with outsiders in a social setting might convince them that you are not the insular, vicious death-cult* that you actually are? 🙄

    They've painted themselves into a bit of corner by their exclusivity. By shunning people who aren't convinced but would be happy to support their friends and family who still are, they miss out on the benefits of being a highly regarded mainstream religion. Nominal Catholics don't raise any eyebrows, still attend the occasional mass and probably put a few dollars in the plate when they do. JWs only have one special "feast day" where hangers on can attend. And I imagine that it's risky to attend for faders because the elders may notice them.

    A few social gatherings where you can bring a friend probably wouldn't be as detrimental as the disconnected-from-the-rest-of-humanity Bethelites fear**

    Blondie, do you have a source for that segment you quoted?

    *Bragging about the children they've killed through the blood doctrine and having HLCs to ensure more of those deaths makes them a vicious death-cult, IMO. Suicides due to shunning probably doesn't help their image, either.

    ** It's always about fear, isn't it! It's their prime motivator.

  • blondie

    NF source of quote Kingdom Ministry June 1989 pp. 1-2

  • NotFormer

    Ah, hidden in the secret files of Jehovah's totally open and above board organisation! 🙄

    Thanks, Blondie!

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