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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I found this memorial invitation quite different than the previous ones. I couldn't find a more recent posting about the invite, so I may be going over old ground.

    At first I just looked thru it. But then on second look, I realized there was more going on than I thought. First page had the usual scene of happy JW's in all genders, age, colors and importance in the congregation. One couple is reaching out to shake the unsuspecting hand of an interested one. It was the building in the background that was different. Obviously not a kingdom hall but a school or auditorium. This was a first I believe. Either Jesus was on the cover or a kingdom hall if I remember right.

    The cover says "You Are Invited" and turning into the flier the second page has the memorial info. Oh Wait! No, not the important memorial info on Jesus and what he did, no it was an invite to the "special" talk on April 14. So Jesus not only lost the first page, but also the second. His advert is on the third page and back cover.

    Nothing says Memorial Season like the special talk! Sorry Jesus, take the back seat!

  • waton
    Sorry Jesus, take the back seat! dofp:

    Yeah, or in par 16 of today's wt "study".

    the sisters in the 1940 KZ (concentration camp) celebrated the memorial " with fervent vows to our Father, vindication of His holy name". No mention of Jesus there either.

    When in reality doctrinal schism existed among the Bible Students even in the captivity. About jesus, jehovah, the superior authorities.

  • john.prestor

    The memorial invitation says reach out for the real life. The real life? Try the isolated life of repression resentment shame and fear, filled with indoctrination and worship of the Governing Body.

  • atomant

    Reach out for the real life but don't stuff up because we will shun you till the day you die.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    "Jesus take the back seat"

    Isn't that, like, the OPPOSITE of the Carrie Underwood song?

  • Biahi

    Sometimes I think they don’t encourage the memorial, afraid of too many partakers.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    If I am not mistaken the word "memorial" is not used any where. It is now "commemoration". Anything to draw a line under the past.

  • redvip2000

    They came to my door as well last weekend for the memorial invitation. Door bell rang on Sunday morning and looked outside and saw a young teenager boy with a tie and a bag, and of course I knew it was the JWs. It had been several years since last visit.

    Opened door and immediately the older man which i could now see took over and in two sentences explained that he was inviting me to a special celebration while his hand presented the memorial invitation.

    Part of me wanted to engage further and ask question, but I could see this sister waiting at the end of my property and also it was pretty cold outside, so I decided to just take it and say thank you. Closed the door and dropped the invitation in my recycle bin.

  • blondie

    ON March 31, 2018, as the sun begins to set, God’s people and many interested ones will assemble for the annual observance of the Lord’s Evening Meal. As the planet turns on its axis, millions will gather to observe the Memorial of Christ’s death. Each year, this observance is the most amazing unifying event that takes place on planet Earth!

  • blondie

      • 16. (a) How can we encourage one another, and what will our meetings do for us? (b) Why is this a good time of year to remember Jesus’ words found at John 3:16?

        16 In the coming weeks, invite as many as possible to attend the Memorial on Friday evening, April 19, 2019. (See the box “Will You Invite Them?”)

      • w19 January pp. 1-32 - The Watchtower (Study)—2019

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