Is social media to blame?

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  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I haven't seen any posts regarding the atrocity in Christchurch and I just wanted to ask a question about social media's role.

    Is it fair to blame social media giants for giving the offender a platform for his crime? What are the boundaries that they are expected to police?

    Traditional media tell social media giants that they should act faster or do more to prevent crimes becoming viral. If that is fair, should car manufacturers be blamed if someone uses a car to commit a crime? Should the government be blamed if that criminal drives the car on federally funded freeways?

    It seems like a difficult question if we accept that social media exist as platforms for information.

    As an example, footage of JFK being assassinated is freely available. Why is that different?

    For the record, what happened in Christchurch is a tragedy and I believe social media should do everything they can to contain it.

  • smiddy3

    I tend to agree joey what is the difference between the paparazzi news hounds and those who happen to be on the spot and film it on their phones ? In that sense .

    However do we differentiate between what happens in real life violence and tragedy`s as to what we let our kids view and participate in with violent games etc ?with the many forms they have access to ?

    Are we de-sensitising our children to violence and its consequences with the games that are available to our young ?

    Should we be worried ? THAT WE MAY REAP WHAT WE SOW ?

    The argument could be that social media have the same rights as the news media and vice versa.

    The whole issue is one that should be debated by society in general so that all can have an input .

    It is an important subject.

  • zeb

    Social 'media' is greatly to blame and it promotes,

    • no belief system
    • no integrity
    • and people who are socially weak they have to believe what everyone else is believing.

    TV news used to be about what had happened. For too long now it is not about what happened but what a whole mass of idiots said to each other about it."Twitter went into melt down today when...". so who gives a shit?

    Like Lemmings heading for their own destruction people are unable to stop and say to their selves "Enough!" and turn the damn phones/devices off and seek your information from real sources.

    Alexander the Great is recorded as saying; "The peoples of (then) Asia were enslaved because they could not say the word, ""NO"".

    Out of the evil perpetrated in New Zealand recently is coming another.

    As the world is so attached to this 'media 'it and is so gullible the international power brokers will use this NZ experience to push for restrictions on the media by whatever name in order to get their own poisonous aims achieved. So people who cry loudly about real social injustice eg the likes of Tommy Robinson will be cut off from all ability to speak out. I am guessing but there must be a lot more like him there we dont hear about.

    By banning anyone you dont like from speaking out you effectively lock the valve of a swelling barrel.

    That barrel is pressure packed by unemployment, social disadvantage brought about by policy, denial of ones worth and yes migration when there is unemployment and social disadvantage in the receiving country.

    As smiddy3 has said society is getting what it has reaped.

  • WTWizard

    If someone is going to do this, it makes more sense to blab it across the whole Internet. Then, if the lamestream media lies, it will be more blatant and the real truth will be told about the event. It will also make false flag attacks harder to pull off, since it will take just one video showing the details blabbed around the world to call out the lie. And if the media goes along with the false narrative, it will be discredited quicker--an incentive for them to tell the truth and avoid getting in more trouble for lying.

    For those offended by these videos, who is forcing you to watch it? If you don't like it, I recommend clicking the red X at the upper right corner of your browser tab or window or navigating to another page. That will solve the problem, and those who are interested in the truth can analyze the videos without someone being offended by them. As I have said before, the truth deeply offends those who live by the lie.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Is it fair to blame social media giants for giving the offender a platform for his crime? - I think so, yes.

    I think social media shares at least some blame for allowing the terrorist to live-stream the murders.

    Social media is much more to blame than Donald Trump, Lauren Southern, or any other 'alt-right' figures currently being blamed.

  • redvip2000

    Social media platforms don't have the capacity to filter every single live-stream in the world to check if something terrible is being done. There are probably millions of live-streams happening at any given time in the world. It's not feasible for them to police each one.

    The only thing they can do is to try to bring down the video once it's somehow flagged by someone.

  • Simon

    They are far too busy filtering political views they disagree with.

  • Finkelstein

    Social media companies are not to blame when someone uses their created electronic tools by certain individuals toward anti-social acts of violence, racism , terrorism etc.

    Unfortunately with the internet and its unregulated ease of use there is a problem of misuse toward illegal social behavior.

    Publicly expressing racism and hatred to a given religious group or race is illegal as walking down a street with placards full of hatred and racism.

    The internet offers these people anonymity which they can hide behind or exploit for their own means and will.

  • redvip2000
    Unfortunately with the internet and its unregulated ease of use there is a problem of misuse toward illegal social behavior.

    Yup, exactly, and you can't have it both ways. You can't on one hand whine about big brother interfering in your life, and then on the other hand hope that big brother is observing every single action that everybody takes in the world.

  • steve2

    Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has said publically that she refuses to use the terrorist's name. He is held in solitary confinement in a maxmimum security prison with absolutely no access to any media.

    He live streamed his massacre.

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