How on earth can WT lawyers continue to believe WT has God’s backing, when they see all the deception play out in Court.

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  • asp59

    Nothing can wake up jws this day. Neither GB or apostates. They seem to be tired of everything.😁

  • notsurewheretogo

    When JW's, legals or not, are "captive to the concept" that they are gods chosen channel as are the GB then it matters not what they teach or do because they are held captive to that concept.

    It's cult mentality.

  • notsurewheretogo
    It’s not an experiment I would recommend, but if any one of us committed for one year to: go back to all the meetings, lots of preaching, pray often, Bible/Watchtower reading, watch all the videos, really put sincere effort into it, and completely avoid any apostate or hostile media, and never say a word against the society and refuse to listen to anyone else with any remotely critical comments about the truth.
    At the end of a year, if you do those things faithfully and without exception, you will probably end up believing JWs have the truth all over again. In fact, you will be confused about how you could ever have been fooled by apostate lies in the past!

    Nah no way. It really depends why you left and why you stopped believing.

    Jerusalem was not destroyed in 607 BCE and with that comes tumbling down the house of cards that this group are "chosen".

    Going back a year and doing everything will not change that because they offer zero proof that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BCE.

  • skin
    As one GB member said at their recent convention, they are at war.

    Yes, he was making it very fearful to JWs not to listen to any negative reports from apostates, media and other liars,.

    "Remember, these are all ways that Satan uses. Remain faithful, and don't entertain this rotten food from the trash can. Which is what you are feeding on if you listen to these lies in the media, you may start to believe them"...Stephen lett.

  • pistolpete

    So I've talked to some JWs that are still in and are faithful.

    They see the news on all the child abuse in the organization,

    they are aware of the overlapping generation,

    the know that the generation that would never die has died.

    They can see that the door to door work has stopped for almost two years

    . They see with their own eyes that all the books and magazines are almost at a complete stop.

    Yet they tell me-------"This just means that were are REAL CLOSE TO THE END"

    Perhaps the JW lawyers are of the same mind-set!

  • joe134cd

    I have a PIMI friend who has worked remotely with WT on some very senior projects around the world. This friend is a certified accountant. I often wonder how my friend makes sense of it all, as he would have to have some idea of the financial situation. Seems happy enough pioneering along.

  • FFGhost

    Some people are really really REALLY good at compartmentalizing.

    I think the law profession draws such folks disproportionately.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    As to how they sleep at night. Go back to the TV interview of James McCabe at the conclusion of the Candace Conti case.

  • joe134cd
    As a side point. I was thinking about that none JW lawyer in Canada who famously said, to the effect that, normal family relations continue in the case of a disfellowshiped individual.” Did anybody physically contact this guy, or know somebody who did, who took him to task on this. I’m guessing his phone would of been ringing off the hook
  • Vidiot

    Doesn't the WTS keep a "worldy" law firm on retainer?

    I seem to recall an anonymous quote from one of them to the effect that they " their WT clients... they pay their bills on time, and are always in trouble..."

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