Watchtower - Do You Know How To Wait?

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  • waiting

    Now even the WTBTS is putting me in my proper place....9/1/00, page 3 (various quotes)

    1. Can you imagine how much time people spend every year just waiting?

    2. Waiting can be very frustrating. (ask my husband)

    3. Author Alexander Rose once said: "Half the agony of living is waiting." (That one hurt me.)

    4. because they know that pleasing the customer includes cutting down on waiting time. ( I alway come in second place)

    5. Waldo Emerson once complained: "How much of human life is lost in waiting!" (poets do write about me, however)

    6. Lance Morrow complained about the boredom and physical discomfort of waiting. (my husband talking again...)

    7. But then he spoke of "the subtler misery of waiting." (man.....)

    8. Sad, but true. Time lost because of waiting is lost forever. (my x-husband talking now)

    9. Of course, if life were not so short, waiting would be less of a cause for concern. (as JWs, we have learned life perhaps will be longer than we thought, I'm not a cause.)

    10. We normally find waiting easier...(than who?)

    11. Yes, waiting is an unavoidable fact of life. (Amen, brother.)

    12. REDUCE THE AGONY OF WAITING! (Now, that one really hurt my feelings - I am not that heavy!)

    13. Successful waiting is mainly a matter of attitude and forethought. (waiting agrees - that's why she doesn't post too much to SS & Friend)

    Gee, I didn't even have to send in my personal experience to the WTBTS's Writing Department - they know me!!!!!

    Humbled Waiting

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  • Seven

    Great post waiting. Number 10-lol.
    waiting on Jehovah,

  • waiting

    Hey 7,

    Got my mag. at work. I never read them here, even though it's my place. The man who works with me is a very straight-laced JW.

    He saw me, finally, show some spiritual appreciation when I got this mag. and got my little yellow marker and scribbled all over the place.

    I'm sure he was thinking to himself, "That woman has finally come to her senses!" Little does he know.......

    easy waiting

  • Pathofthorns

    Very funny Waiting :)


  • Seven

    Hey waiting, The lazy one is wiser in his own eyes than sevengiving a sensible reply.Pr 26:16 Prophetic huh?


  • waiting


    You just couldn't stand it, could you? The Society prints a whole article 'bout me and titles the whole darned mag. 'bout me - and I, sweetheart, am an old woman. Ha!!!!!

    One lousy scripture talks about the good answers you give. Who's greater? The Watchtower or the Bible?

    I am The Watchtower Waiting. You are a Bible Scripture - need I say more?

    (WW = Watchtower Waiting, gee, one more "W" and I could have been World Wide Wrestling - cool!)

    waiting - who hates with a passion {Southern}'raslin'

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  • RedhorseWoman

    Don't get your bustles in a twist, ladies. Let's all remember the great press always given to the rider of the Red Horse.

  • Seven

    Yeah, yeah. Okay. I guess I'll have to take a backseat to you two McSpiritual Food at the Proper
    Time ladies.

  • waiting

    Red Horse!

    The Society ain't never gonna let no woman ride on the Red Horse!

    However, good application - what did the Red Horse Man stand for anyway? Do you really want that application tied to you? Well, you're Red Horse Woman, so I guess you can apply anyway you want, huh?

    Hey, I still got my name of the front of the Watchtower, and that's tops in my book. Even if they did insinuate that I was "easy."


  • RedhorseWoman

    Well, waiting, obviously the Society has the prophecy about the four "horsemen" totally wrong.

    As we all now know, the Red Horse is definitely ridden by a woman. The Dark Horse is sometimes ridden by a young girl (but frequently the Dark Horse is ridden by no one because she's a major pain in the butt). The Pale Horse is actually an elderly mare who belongs to some people down the street....nice old horse really. And the fourth horse....hmmmm....can't remember much about the fourth horse, so it will have to be our Dun gelding Bingo (isn't that a terrifying name for a horse?)

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