Fate, chance, divine retribution or sh*t happens?

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  • eyeuse2badub

    Fate, chance, divine retribution or sh*t happens?

    So I described a cordial conversation with my jw wife and super-duper jw MIL last week in which they encouraged me to ‘return to Jehovah’. I told them that I would not be fooled thrice.

    Later that week we were discussing a fine mutual jw friend, ‘Brother X’, that met with a very untimely death. He was a real good man and a good ‘brother’. He died in a car accident one Sunday afternoon several years ago.

    The wife and MIL were lamenting the fact that if ‘Brother X’ had just gone to the meeting that Sunday and not gone surfing with his kid, he would still be alive! They continued the conversation mentioning that many jw’s have lost their lives by not being where they should have been: out in service, at the meeting, at a KH build, or at a convention.

    This is where I chimed in that I didn’t really believe that was the case at all. I cited many examples of jw’s losing their lives because they were: out in service, at the meeting, building KH’s, going to conventions, etc. I specifically mentioned the 23 jw’s in the Philippines that were swept out to sea during super typhoon Haiyan a few years ago! (If only they had been in a safe place, but no, they went to the meeting during a super typhoon!)

    My closing words to these 2 great women were; “was it divine retribution for missing the meeting or was it fate, chance, ‘time and unforeseen occurrence’, or just that sh*t happens”?

    just saying!


  • NVR2L8

    In a yearbook a few years back there was this story about a plane crash that destroyed the home of JWs while they were at the meeting. The not so subtle message was that being at the meeting spared the JWs life and that they would never miss another meeting. What saved them had more to do with not being where the plane crash occurred...they could have been at Walmart, the beach or in a church for all that matters...But try explaining this to a brainwashed JW and he will call you an apostate.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    I never quite thought about it the way NVR2L8. But it is a good point.

    A JW says that another fellow JW could have avoided calamity if they had not gone to a concert, surfing, shopping, etc., during a meeting time.

    Of course they won't get it. But you can ask if that individual were somewhere else instead of where the incident happened and at the same exact time, would the JW still have something overcome him?

    Well they can't say yes because then it is predestination!

    Doesn't matter where you are at, something bad will happen if you are not at the meeting.

    If they say no, well then attending meetings, as we know here in this forum, is absolutely no guarantee of your life being spared from "unforeseen occurrences".

    How did I believe this crap!!??

  • Crazyguy

    Yeah and what about that bus that went off the road in Central American full of jws going to an assembly?

  • stuckinarut2

    That reasoning of witnesses simply falls apart with just the slightest bit of logical thought...

    They want their cake and eat it too!

    If something bad happens, then it is "time and unforseen occurrence".

    Or if it happens and can be spun as a marketing tool for the society, then they will twist it...

  • atomant

    A sister l know broke her ankle (was wearing high heels) recently getting into the car to go to an assembly.Ankle required 2 pins.Her husband an elder demanded she get into the car insisting the ankle will recover by the time they get to the assembly.She shoulda stayed in bed.

  • smiddy

    She shoulda shoved her high heels right up his #*[email protected] , where the sun dont shine.

  • zeb

    atomant; Fair odds he had a part to do at that assy.

  • LisaRose
    Its called confirmation bias. People tend to believe and remember that which confirms their beliefs and to discount and forget that which does not.

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