Televangelist Kenneth Copeland

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  • mann377

    Had to laugh at this. This may be what the WBTS end up doing in the future as they become televangelist.

  • jp1692

    What it the “this” to which you refer?

  • mann377
  • sparky1

    Kenneth Copeland 'ain't got nothin' ' on Stevie Lett!

  • ToesUp

    Rutherford once said..."religion is a snare and a racket." The only truth a JW has ever said!

    As long as people keep giving money to these crooks, they will keep on keeping on!

  • mann377

    I take issue with Kenneth Copland on one point and that is demons are only in the coach section of the plane and not in first class.

  • Vidiot

    I've said quite a few times that JW Broadcasting has been the best thing to ever happen for both the GB and the XJW community...

    ...the GB found their true calling as televangelists...

    ...and XJW community was proven right all along when we said they were no better than televangelists.


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Who knows? Maybe Lett is a test run. On the other hand Copeland has a wild-eyed creepy insane way about him. I also get that creepy vibe from Stephen Lett. If Lett ever decides to leave Watchtower he could slink right over into the lucrative world of televangelism. His schtick could be: Former Jehovah's Witness GB leader who was touched by Jesus and now wants to touch you. Maybe him and Copeland could team up and do a tag team on the wallets of the gullible.

  • Finkelstein

    Jesus promised to redeem his faithful followers sins , so if religoius charlatans like the WTS/JWorg. and others like what you see on TV sell a twisted commercialized version of the Gospel and live a lifestyle inkind of the super rich, what do you expect ?

    Jesus condemned the close connection of money exchanges and transactions near and about the sacred holy temple just to remind people .

    I wonder what C T Russell would think of the new WTS headquarters complete with swimming pools and tennis courts ?

  • smiddy3

    The success of Televangelists such as kenneth Copeland , Joyce Meyer ,and that guy on SBN , Jimmy Swaggart and others , all who reap in millions of Dollars every year.

    Just goes to show that religion is a cash cow for any who want to exploit it for their own advantage .

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