BRANCH OVERSEER : "Apostates are GOOD people !"

by Aleph 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Dmitry

    Not news, but food for thought.

    When two independent sources talk about one thing, it means something! Maybe tomorrow will be the third, and the fourth day after tomorrow)

  • dozy

    JWs are told by the Society that "apostates" are evil people and certainly that they should never be spoken to or even acknowledged ( even DFd children not living in the same household should be shunned , let alone apostates " ). As for them having a "different point of view" , the Society says that their view is Satanic. As far as ex-witnesses are concerned , they are the lowest of the low.

    I do accept that sometimes some prominent JW speakers do go a bit "off script" when giving Assembly talks , sometimes just for attention when delivering an otherwise boring outline ( we have all heard a few dramatic "experiences" and stories from Bethel speakers at assemblies or hints at "new thoughts" that all turned out to be garbage ) , but this story sounds very dubious to me , especially given the vague provenance.

  • Vidiot

    Anybody check to see of the original posting is dated April 1?

  • Aleph

    This Org is worst than big Bro, sorry if i did say the minimum about that, but it s the truth.
    I wished i had it recorded, but i didn't see this coming...

    But yes, on a certain picture from all the Branches oversees in Warwick, you would see him.
    The man is not a bad man, he s just a company man,he expressed his personal opinion, nothing official, I m afraid.

    Of course, he is too high to be bothered, yes I should send him some whisky.

  • nicolaou

    Holy shit! Are there still websites like that in 2019? That's hilarious 😂

  • fulano

    Aleph, stop fu";*ing around with this shyte and mention name, country and when. This is ridiculous.


    I don’t but it...


  • newsheep

    How does that go? When arguing with a fool be careful that you don't become the fool.

  • JustHuman14

    The guy for sure is awakening and he is on the way out. This kind of talk it was to help others to open their minds and leave this evil cult. I'm not sure if he will remain in this position for long, with this kind of public talks

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