BRANCH OVERSEER : "Apostates are GOOD people !"

by Aleph 34 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Dmitry

    Not news, but food for thought.

    When two independent sources talk about one thing, it means something! Maybe tomorrow will be the third, and the fourth day after tomorrow)

  • dozy

    JWs are told by the Society that "apostates" are evil people and certainly that they should never be spoken to or even acknowledged ( even DFd children not living in the same household should be shunned , let alone apostates " ). As for them having a "different point of view" , the Society says that their view is Satanic. As far as ex-witnesses are concerned , they are the lowest of the low.

    I do accept that sometimes some prominent JW speakers do go a bit "off script" when giving Assembly talks , sometimes just for attention when delivering an otherwise boring outline ( we have all heard a few dramatic "experiences" and stories from Bethel speakers at assemblies or hints at "new thoughts" that all turned out to be garbage ) , but this story sounds very dubious to me , especially given the vague provenance.

  • DanShanks

    Is there any proof that he said that?

    How do we know its not like Chinese whisper?

  • Vidiot

    Anybody check to see of the original posting is dated April 1?

  • Aleph

    This Org is worst than big Bro, sorry if i did say the minimum about that, but it s the truth.
    I wished i had it recorded, but i didn't see this coming...

    But yes, on a certain picture from all the Branches oversees in Warwick, you would see him.
    The man is not a bad man, he s just a company man,he expressed his personal opinion, nothing official, I m afraid.

    Of course, he is too high to be bothered, yes I should send him some whisky.

  • nicolaou

    Holy shit! Are there still websites like that in 2019? That's hilarious 😂

  • fulano

    Aleph, stop fu";*ing around with this shyte and mention name, country and when. This is ridiculous.


    I don’t but it...


  • newsheep

    How does that go? When arguing with a fool be careful that you don't become the fool.

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