Northern California Elder Charged with Lewd Acts with a Child

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  • Vidiot

    "Immoral practices"???

    It's a f**king crime!!!

  • LisaRose

    Vidiot 3 hours ago
    "Immoral practices"???
    It's a f**king crime!!
    That's the problem, they continue to treat child abuse the same as any other immorality like fornication or adultery. They have even treated underage victims as if they committed fornication and were equally responsible. That is why they will never fix the problem, they often are more sympathetic to the perpetrators than to the victims, accept pathetic denials and excuses and are way to quick to forgive and forget. It's a boys club culture. It's so shocking to me that I didn't know when I was in that only men are important in this organization, women and children are expendable.

    A friend of mine had a child molested by a brother. Although he confessed and was privately reproved, less than a year later he got engaged to a woman with children. My friend felt obligated to warn her of the problem and the elders were quick to act, but not to protect the children, to threaten my friend with being disfellowshipped if she mentioned it again. The brother was repentant and it was forgiven and forgotten, it was not her place to mention it.

  • truthseekeriam

    Innocent or not these JWs will always have supporters offering a witness to their great character. I had to hear it when my child's molester was on trial and yes he had his own lawyer and yes he was convicted. But his side of the courtroom had plenty of support the whole time.

  • Vidiot

    truthseekeriam - "...his side of the courtroom had plenty of support the whole time."

    We've heard that story a lot, here.

    I think some loyalists are simply unable to deal with the possibility that it's an institutionalized problem.

    To do so would, for all intents and purposes, break their brains.

  • flipper

    They are so stupid it makes my head spin.

    A good friend told a mother in her congregation about a "brother" being a pedophile. The woman ratted her out to the elders, then made a show of letting the pedophile hang out with her little kids.

    The asinine elders seem to think if they pray with the creep he's cured.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • flipper

    LISA ROSE- Absolutely sick experience your friend went through trying to warn the engaged woman that her fiancé was a pedophile. I mean it's disgusting how the elders pamper these pedophiles and malign your friend for warning the woman. As my wife wrote we know a lady on the board who tried to warn people and the elders counseled her sternly for bringing it up about a pedophile.

    As you stated the JW's are a " good old boys " club and women and children are treated essentially like meat and things, or objects to be toyed with - but not respected. Makes me so mad that innocent victims have to suffer due to the elders and WT leaders stupidity and arrogance

  • watson
    Has anybody heard any news on this story?
  • Fisherman
    It appears that that CA must be the child abuse state. I read on the news that in NY, depending on your religion, the DA lets incestuous child abuse just sly through like a sleeping dog - but that is only what I read on the news, not what I am saying or my opinion.
  • SonoftheTrinity
    Fisherman child protective in California have a tendency to go after low hanging fruit so that they can look like they are doing their job without incurring any risk to their person. They go after the angry black women who verbally scold their kids but stay away from the rich white pervs who can afford lawyers.

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