LOL: just have share a convo I just had with my PIMI wife

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  • S0ShowdidIgethere

    Rocketman - over the past few years I've had that thought a lot- That really there are things wrong with the world today, but it's much better than a few hundred years ago. We have modern medicine, we have air conditioning and heating, we aren't dying of throwing our feces in the streets...

  • oppostate

    Talking like that about yout wife, GTTM, the one that sounds like an idiot is you unfortunately, and suggesting you can just get it elsewher just demeans your relationship. You don't sound like a prize catch with your attitude and if she divorces you, she'd probably be doing herself a favor.

  • pistolpete

    well anyways we were walking more and she said that the true religion follows that bible. So I said, OK...where in the bible does it say that Jesus returned invisibly in 1914? she said we don't teach that

    Wow, that's incredible.

    I don't think your wife is an idiot, but she is indoctrinated for sure.

    Jws are not dumb people, most of them know that taking a blood transfusion can save your life in a blood loss emergency accident. I know several jw nurses who have a College degree in nursing and who are fully aware how a blood transfusion has saved millions.

    But it's the indoctrination that has them messed up in the head. And even though they are well educated, the indoctrination that a blood transfusion is wrong in the eyes of Jehovah keeps them a slave to the Watchtower.

    It's not easy waking up. Just look at all the ones here that were enslaved for years, some an entire lifetime because they believed with all their heart, mind, and soul that they HAD THE TRUTH.

  • goingthruthemotions
    Oppostate, I have given her my all, she is a taker and not a giver. This religion has turned her into such an unpleasant person to be around alot of the time.

    it takes two to make a relationship work...if you are in one. you would know this. But it is hard to make it work when one is dedicated to a cult and one is dedicated to make a marriage work.

    so yes, I have become bitter in alot of ways. When she says she has more respect for elders than me. they pay her bills? health insurance? a roof over her head? NO!!!

  • Rocketman123

    Rocketman - over the past few years I've had that thought a lot

    The reason why the WTS say things are getting worse and have been for over 100 years is because Satan knows his time of his removal from earth is soon so he has been making things worse for mankind.

    Its part of the we are living in the end times doctrine the JWS propagate..

    " The Truth " tells us something completely different though.

  • redvip2000
    well anyways we were walking more and she said that the true religion follows that bible

    Says who? This is what I actually question to existing JW's. I know their game is to position Jdubs as the religion that follows the fairy tale book closely, but I rather take a step back and question if the Bible is the truth.

    If you ask them how they can prove the Bible is the word of god, they get stumped. A few will try to grasp at straws about some prophecies in the Bible, but even then, when you analyze how vague those prophecies are, that cannot be used as the basis for thinking the Bible is inspired.

  • Ding

    It is ironic when you realize that you know more about WT doctrine than PIMIs do.

    Not unusual, though, I've learned...

    That said, for a JW not to know that the WT teaches Jesus' invisible presence starting in 1914 still amazes me.

    Sometimes I think WT teaching today comes down to the noes:

    -- No Trinity

    -- No hellfire

    -- No politics

    -- No birthdays or holidays

    -- No blood transfusions

  • jwundubbed

    I get that you need to vent. But it is not okay to say those kinds of things about your wife. It's fine if you want to think them, but when you say them on social media you are taking action that is just grossly wrong. It is just as wrong to talk that way about your wife in an open forum on the internet to strangers as it is to shun people because they won't believe what you want them to. You aren't behaving any better than the JWs. Your wife 'not knowing her own doctrine' pales in comparison to how unacceptable your behavior towards her is... when she isn't even able to defend herself. Who cares if she doesn't know the JW beliefs when you are being a bully.

    If you can't show your wife any common decency, then the least you could to is show other people on this forum common decency by not speaking that way about a woman that you made vows to. Even a complete stranger deserve to be treated better than you are treating your wife. Yes, you should divorce her. But if you won't because you are cheap, then don't talk about her like that to complete strangers. Have some class, or dignity or just be a decent human being.

    It is not okay to speak that way of anyone. And you should expect people to tell you so, especially in a forum for people who no longer have to be bystanders to bullying atrocious behaviors.

  • BluesBrother

    If I got into it with my wife we might have a similar conversation.

    Stan asked

    "why put up with it ? Life's too short."

    Well, I tell you that there is more to life than bickering over her religion. Since we have got older we realise how much we need a partner , someone to look out for us when all else fails.During Covvid life would have been hell on our own . She is a good woman even if she needs a little understanding and tolerance.

    We could easily have split in times past but we are very glad now to have each other.

    So.... I bide my time, hold my tongue , knowing she does not want to know I know. I have learned to let her be, and life is all the better for it.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    It is just as wrong to talk that way about your wife in an open forum on the internet to strangers as it is to shun people because they won't believe what you want them to.

    the poster was using a username--and not naming his wife---in person. For all we know it could all be made up! i know exactly where he is coming from--but i got lucky--my born in dubbette divorced me 40 years ago...happy days !

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