Profile BOE Arrived & Couple More!

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    So I guess you could leave the congregation and a few months later send a "death certificate" to your old congregation with a fake lawyer letterhead. Saying Joe Person (I mean Joe Publisher) is deceased and to update records.

    Boom, no more being bothered. Just stay out of sight. LOL


  • BluesBrother

    I may be wrong but I see this as an attempt to streamline applications for special service and eliminate paperwork and post.

    I was concerned when I read that husbands were to be listed but it is only if he is also an exemplary “ Congregation Person “ Why Not say cong. Publisher?

    it is a bit complicated, tell me if I have it wrong.

    Btw.. thanks Atlantis & Petra

  • zboubiz

    Hey thanks a lot dear Petra !

    By any chance, do you have access to the latest french BOE letters too ?

  • iwantoutnow
    So if they are going to be able to apply for regular pioneering and bethel service online soon does this mean the elders do not have to approve of the application?

    I don't think so - for 7 years or so the WT is minimizing their role in any appointments blatantly for legal reasons so they are less accountable for elders who molest kids for example. "we didnt appoint him, the X congregation did"

    BluesBrothers - I agree that that is a big part of why this is getting done, though I am sure there is a less admirable agenda too.

    LIke what you said about Congregation Person.
    Their noting this below absolutely shows what the system can and will be used for by WT.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    There they go again with that word Exemplary in the New Features letter regarding My Profile:

    Exemplary baptized publishers who are interested in submitting an application for expanded theocratic service are encouraged to fill out their "My Profile".

    Exemplary means worthy, honorable & virtuous among other things. The opposite of exemplary is bad, dishonorable, unworthy & poor among other unflattering words.

    My question is...of the 8.5 million JWs many are exemplary and how many are of the unflattering/unfavorable type? Why make the distinction? Me would say exemplary and Jehovah's Witnesses don't belong in the same sentence! There's no such thing as an exemplary cult member in such a destructive religion!

  • blondie

    Yes, so far it is not designed for all jws. Get them used to the idea and see how the software works, then let the rest of the publishers share the privilege.

  • carla

    As a non jw married to a jw cultist, I can assure you their info is not very secure. If I could access it who couldn't?

    Fantasies of using their info for nefarious things, bwhahaha, just kidding, I wouldn't do that. (by nefarious I mean sending their info to competing cults, local charities, blood donation info, and so on...not really anything too terrible. just a once in awhile sick fantasy)

    Disclaimer- do not do any of the above if you have access, it wouldn't be nice and we should take the higher road and all that.....

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    Saying Joe Person (I mean Joe Publisher) is deceased and to update records.
    Boom, no more being bothered.

    It says something about the religion when we would even consider faking own death to escape.

  • poopie

    Is this also for us

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